The North Face VECTIV Enduris 3: Mastering Balance Between Comfort, Durability, and Versatility

Stability, comfort, and traction personified

In the grand theater of outdoor equipment, few items merit an ovation like The North Face VECTIV Enduris 3. If these shoes were a play, they'd be a masterful balance of drama and comedy, with an undercurrent of rugged adventure.

You can feel the energy these shoes harness the moment you lace them up, ready to tackle trails with the same fervor as a hiker conquering the most elusive summit. Their dynamic design, imbued with a rockered midsole, offers a forked heel and forefoot dual-density 3D TPU plate – this is the core that gives you the gift of lateral stability. That's a fancy way of saying they’ll keep you from wobbling when the path gets rough.

The 31mm/25mm stack height adds a lightweight buoyancy to your step, offering the perfect blend of resilience and push-off power. They don't just absorb the impact, they recycle it, transforming every stride into forward momentum.

The upper side of these shoes is a testament to the concept of robust elegance. The protective 3D-printed design doesn’t shy away from harsh trails. It’s like a reliable companion, always ready to shield your foot from the wilderness's unkind edges.

One thing I find commendable is the updated D-width last, making the shoe an accommodating host to a myriad of foot shapes. Broad, narrow, or in-between – it doesn’t discriminate. The tongue wings, specifically designed to reduce slippage, enhance the step-in comfort and overall fit. No Cinderella-like predicaments here.

Finally, the Surface CTRL™ rubber outsole, adorned with 3.5mm lugs, guarantees you a firm grip on the land. This shoe is committed to keep you upright, no matter what the trail throws your way.

For $149, you're not just getting a shoe. You're investing in a reliable companion that’s up for any adventure. So, lace up, step out, and let The North Face VECTIV Enduris 3 carry you to places you've only ever dreamed of conquering.


  1. Versatility: Designed to adapt to a variety of trail conditions and activities, these shoes can handle both dirt tracks and rocky paths with equal aplomb.
  2. Balanced Stability and Cushioning: The rockered midsole and forked heel/forefoot 3D TPU plate ensure impressive lateral stability, reducing the likelihood of ankle twists on uneven terrain.
  3. Comfortable and Inclusive Fit: Thanks to the roomier toe box and updated D-width last, a broad range of foot shapes can find a snug fit in these shoes.
  4. High Traction: The Surface CTRL™ rubber outsole with 3.5 mm lugs guarantees excellent grip across different surfaces, marking these shoes as a dependable choice for trail running.
  5. Durable Upper: The 3D-printed upper is both protective and durable, designed to withstand the roughest of trails.
  6. Color Options: With available options in “New Taupe Green – TNF Black,” “Led Yellow – TNF Black,” and “Tropical Peach Enchanted Trails Print/Pride Super Sonic Blue Print,” there's a color combination to match any aesthetic preference.
  7. Reasonable Weight: At an approximate weight of 10.83 oz (307 g) per half pair, these shoes provide a good balance between lightweight construction and the robust features they offer.


  1. Price: Costing $149, these shoes may be considered a significant investment for some outdoor enthusiasts, especially those on a tighter budget.
  2. Potentially Over-Engineered: For casual trail walkers or runners, the advanced features such as the rockered midsole or the 3D TPU plate might be more than what's needed.
  3. Weight for Some: Despite being reasonably weighted, some users seeking ultra-lightweight shoes might still find them a tad heavy due to the added features and durable construction.


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