Parcours X Hypetex Limited Edition: Reinventing Wheels with Gold Carbon Fibre

Golden, high-performance, sustainable cycling wheels

Ah, the intoxicating thrill of velocity, the allure of the open road, the exhilarating synergy between man and machine; this is the heart of cycling, is it not? And at the center of this beautiful romance are the wheels, the critical companions for those in love with the pedal push.

In comes the world's first set of colored carbon fibre bike wheels. They're not just a technical marvel, but also a dazzling spectacle, as they showed up all shiny and gold at The Cycle Show at Alexandra Palace. It's like watching the sun rise on the move, except the sun is Hypetex’s Zlatan uni-directional material, coating these Parcours Chrono carbon fibre wheels. This isn't just for show, though. The performance of these wheels is bolstered by the lightweight material and a gold finish that weighs less than traditional painted options.

Hypetex, the sorcerers behind this golden magic, bring their sustainable colouring technology from the fast-paced, high-stakes world of Formula 1 racing. Their process is a one-two punch of innovation: water-based eco-resins fused in a sustainable curing process to create these vibrant, lightweight materials. The benefits are twofold: technical superiority and cost savings. Now, doesn't that rev your engine?

Parcours, a renowned wheel brand, known for their premium high-performance wheelsets is the other half of this partnership. These gold wheels even made an appearance on a bespoke Handsling A1R0evo in London, a sleek piece of work that's gaining some serious attention. Only 10 of these golden chariots will be available. With custom gunmetal grey hubs, lasered detailing and ceramic bearings, they're going for a pretty penny, but my, wouldn't they look fine spinning under the sun.

The folks behind this gold revolution seem pretty excited. Marc Cohen, the big guy at Hypetex, is calling these wheels a work of art, technically and aesthetically. Dov Tate, the brains behind Parcours, is all praises for Hypetex, and believes that this partnership can be a game changer.

In essence, the cycling world is getting a high-tech makeover. This isn't just about looking good – it's about feeling good, about knowing that the wheels beneath you are born of sustainable practices and forward-thinking technology. It's about performance and aesthetics merging in a gold-hued, sunlit dance.

This fusion of engineering prowess and design audacity makes me feel a twinge of excitement and anticipation. And while the price tag might make your heart skip a beat, can you really put a price on the exhilarating joy of speed, of efficiency, of colour, of looking the part of a cyclist draped in the sheen of a golden sunrise? As the old saying goes, sometimes you gotta go for gold.


1. High Performance:
These wheels are made from a carbon fibre material born out of Formula 1 racing, which means they are designed for maximum performance. Lightweight and strong, they offer improved acceleration and responsiveness compared to more conventional materials.

2. Sustainability:
Hypetex's sustainable colouring technology uses water-based eco-resins and a sustainable curing process. This presents an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paint, which can be harmful to the environment.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing:
With a stunning gold finish and custom gunmetal grey hubs, these wheels are a sight to behold. They're sure to turn heads and make a statement wherever they're seen.

4. Exclusivity:
With only 10 sets available, owning these wheels comes with a certain level of prestige and exclusivity.


1. Price:
The wheels range in price from £1,799 to £2,499, which may be prohibitive for many cyclists. While the cost may be justified given the wheels' performance and aesthetic benefits, they still represent a significant investment.

2. Limited Edition:
While the exclusivity of these wheels is a plus for some, the limited availability might be a downside for others. With only 10 sets available, many interested customers may miss out.

3. Unclear Long-term Durability:
While Hypetex's carbon fibre technology is innovative and performance-driven, the long-term durability of coloured carbon fibre under various weather and road conditions isn't yet known. Further time and testing may be necessary to evaluate this.

4. Bespoke Requirements:
These wheels are designed for specific, high-end bikes and might not be suitable for all models, potentially limiting their utility for some cyclists.

In summary, the Parcours X Hypetex limited edition wheels are a remarkable amalgamation of advanced technology, aesthetic brilliance, and environmental consciousness. However, they come with a high price tag and might not be the best fit for every cyclist out there.

The prices for the Parcours X Hypetex limited edition gold wheelsets are as follows:

  • Alta: £1,799
  • Ronde: £1,999
  • Strade: £1,999
  • Chrono: £1,999
  • Chrono with Disc² option: £2,499
  • Chrono Max with Disc² option: £2,499

These prices include limited edition gold rims plus custom hubs in gunmetal grey with custom lasered detailing and ceramic bearings.

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