Velotric Packer 1: Experience Unmatched Payload Capacity and Unrivaled Speed

Powerful, durable, versatile cargo e-bike

In the relentless urban jungle, and the whimsical trails less traveled, there's a rugged beast waiting to be unleashed – the Velotric Packer 1. This workhorse of an e-bike is as much a tool as it is an adventure companion, boasting an impressive payload capacity of 440 lbs and a rear cargo capacity of 176 lbs. Whether you're lugging around equipment or a couple of giddy kids on a weekend ride, this bike doesn't blink an eye.

It's built tough with a 6061 Aluminum frame, but it's not just about brute strength. The integrated wiring and removable battery reveal a clever design that balances aesthetics with practicality. Additionally, riders between 5'3″ to 6'6″ can mount up, thanks to its ergonomic saddle and adjustable features, making it inclusive for the masses.

At the heart of the Packer 1 is the Velopower H75 Drive System, with a potent 750W motor that peaks at 1200W. That kind of oomph propels you to a top speed of 25MPH when unlocked, or a default 20 MPH for a more sedate, law-abiding ride. The bike also offers a max range of 52 miles, which is plenty to make the most of your day.

Navigating the city's potholes and the countryside's uneven terrain is a breeze, thanks to the hydraulic suspension with 80mm of travel. That's paired with 4-piston hydraulic brakes sporting 180mm rotors for precision stopping power. So, whether you're zipping through traffic or sailing on empty back roads, you're in control.

For those keen on gadgetry, the bike works with Apple's Find My feature, making it virtually impossible to lose. Additionally, the tech doesn't end there, a backlit LCD display gives you all the vital stats at a glance, and there's even a handy USB port for powering up your devices on the go.

Now, let's talk about the all-important question of range. With up to 52 miles of pedal-assisted fun, you can take your time exploring the city or the wilderness. The Packer 1 doesn't shy away from hills either, tackling inclines of up to 10 degrees with throttle only and 12 degrees with pedal assist.

Though the Velotric Packer 1 might be a bit hefty at 75 lbs, the power, versatility, and thoughtful design more than make up for it. I’d say it's a fair trade-off. This e-bike is a robust partner for those craving urban adventures and weekend outings, embodying a powerful blend of utility and excitement. The potential it brings is truly worth exploring.

You're not just buying a ride with the Packer 1. You're investing in a vessel for experiences, be it routine trips to the market or venturing into the wild unknown. It’s more than an e-bike; it’s a ticket to a world of new experiences, allowing you to savor the journey, not just the destination.

In summary, the Velotric Packer 1 is a potent blend of strength, reliability, and tech-savvy charm. With an impressive range, a powerful motor, and robust build quality, this e-bike is poised to help you conquer the streets and trails with a gleam in your eye. A perfect companion for anyone seeking the freedom of the open road, or the bustling urban jungle. It’s not just about getting there – it’s about how much fun you can have on the way.


  1. Impressive Payload Capacity: With the ability to comfortably haul up to 440 lbs of total weight and a rear cargo capacity of 176 lbs, this e-bike is suitable for a variety of cargo, from groceries to camping gear.
  2. Powerful Drive System: Its Velopower H75 Drive System, powered by a 750W motor (peaking at 1200W), allows for speeds up to 25MPH (unlocked), making it a powerful ride.
  3. Good Range: The e-bike boasts a maximum range of 52 miles, which is more than sufficient for most urban and off-road adventures.
  4. Durable and Robust Construction: The use of 6061 Aluminum for the frame ensures durability and the integrated wiring and removable battery add to its long-lasting build.
  5. Comfort and Adjustability: The bike is designed to fit riders from 5'3″ to 6'6″, providing a wide range of adjustability for people of different heights.
  6. Advanced Technology Features: The bike comes equipped with features like Apple's Find My and a backlit LCD display for vital stats, adding convenience and enhancing user experience.
  7. Safety Compliance: Safety is a clear priority, as evidenced by its UL 2271 and UL 2849 certification and a host of safety features including hydraulic brakes.


  1. Weight: Weighing in at 75 lbs, the bike is on the heavier side, which may make it harder to maneuver or transport without power.
  2. Price: With a price tag of $1,799, it might not be the most affordable option for some potential e-bike buyers.
  3. Limited Terrain Compatibility: While it can handle most urban road conditions and some rural roads, it may not perform as well in very steep or off-road conditions.
  4. Apple Only Tracking: The tracking feature is compatible only with Apple's Find My, potentially limiting its usefulness for Android users.
  5. Long Charging Time: The battery takes 4 hours to charge up to 80% and 6 hours for a full charge, which may not be ideal for users needing quick turnaround times.


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