Veli MTB – First and only bike to feature unique Vasttech suspension

Superior bump absorption and ride quality

The Veli cross-country MTB is a mountain bike that is designed for off-road riding and cross-country races. It features the unique suspension system from Vasttech, a company that specializes in developing innovative suspension systems for bicycles. This unique rear suspension design is called the Vast Pivot system.

The Vast Pivot suspension system is designed to provide maximum efficiency and control while riding. It features a pivot point that is located above the rear axle, which allows the rear wheel to move in a vertical arc when encountering bumps and obstacles. This system is said to minimize pedal-bob and improve traction, allowing riders to maintain their speed and control while riding over rough terrain.

The Veli cross-country MTB has a lightweight carbon fiber frame and a range of high-end components, including a SRAM Eagle 12-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes. It has 29-inch wheels with tubeless-ready tires and a RockShox SID fork with 100mm of travel.

According to the manufacturer, the Veli cross-country MTB is suitable for riders of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. It is designed to provide a smooth and stable ride, even on challenging terrain, and is optimized for cross-country racing.

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