Unleash Your Inner Explorer: The Versatile and Compact GoBoat 2.0

Versatile, Compact, Portable, Stable, Fun

Ah, my fellow adventurer, let me tell you a tale about this marvel of engineering, the GoBoat 2.0. It's as if the gods of leisure crafted it themselves, a whimsical union of paddleboard, kayak, and powered boat, all in one rather suave package.

This aquatic chariot is, as they say, “extremely stable and rigid.” Inflated with a hand pump, it sports a proprietary AirCore composite construction, boasting three separate air chambers for safety. It slides past obstacles with the grace of an Olympic figure skater, unless, of course, your obstacle is another GoBoater. Then, prepare for a high-seas duel of dodgems!

There's an element of practical luxury here. Consider the detachable inflatable seating, storage bungees for your personal paraphernalia, and grab handles for easy transport. At 57 lbs, you might think this beast would be a challenge to wrangle, but no – it folds into a carry bag with the ease of a well-practiced circus act, waiting patiently in your trunk or closet for the next adventure.

And oh, the thrills it promises! With a 35-lb five-speed electric trolling motor, you can zip around at a breezy 5 mph. And you're not just confined to freshwater escapades – this sea-steed is saltwater-ready, promising hours of aquatic exploration. Just don't forget to supply your own U1 batteries.

Not that size is everything, but the GoBoat 2.0 comes in both adult and “mini” variants. If you're in the market for such aquatic merriment, the price tag starts at a reasonable $1,076 for the full-size model, though a current promotion drops it to $753. The mini version is a steal at $683 ($478 on promotion).

Now, there's an option for those of you with a penchant for stealth, fishing, or perhaps some duck hunting – the GoBoat 2.0 Stealth. Adorned in a rich camo pattern, it's a fisherman's dream, boasting attachment points for rod holders, fish finders, cup holders, and even a shotgun mount, if that's your sport.

Finally, we have the Havana, Woody, and Vector models. While they differ in color scheme, they all promise a boating experience like no other. Want to play bumper boats with the kids? You're covered. Fancy a quiet fishing expedition? They've got you. Or perhaps you'd like to simply recline on the detachable seat with a cooler full of refreshments by your side? They've thought of that too.

My friends, these GoBoat 2.0 models represent a daring step in portable boating. They are not just vessels, they're an invitation to embark on aquatic adventures, with style, convenience, and a splash of fun. I may be more accustomed to dusty trails and bustling city streets, but there's something alluring about these inflatable marvels. And isn't life, after all, about exploring all the wonders it has to offer?

Every coin has two sides, and so does the GoBoat 2.0. Let's dive into the pros and cons.


  1. Compact and Portable: At 57 lbs, this personal watercraft deflates and packs away neatly into a carry bag. Perfect for adventures on the go, it's a breeze to transport and store.
  2. Versatility: It combines the best elements of a paddleboard, kayak, and motorboat. Whether you're up for fishing, exploring, or simply cruising, this boat adapts to your mood and activity.
  3. Stability: With its proprietary AirCore composite construction and three separate air chambers, the GoBoat 2.0 promises great stability. The circular design aids in balance, allowing you to slide past obstacles with ease.
  4. Comfort: The inflatable seating and non-slip foam deck offer a comfortable ride. With storage bungees and room for a cooler, you're all set for a day out on the water.
  5. Customization: The GoBoat 2.0 offers multiple attachment options to tailor your experience. Fishing rod holders, fish finders, cup holders, even a shotgun mount in the Stealth version – it has a place for them all.


  1. Battery Not Included: While it comes with a five-speed electric trolling motor, the boat requires two U1 batteries, which are not included in the purchase price. This could be a potential additional expense.
  2. Price: Although promotions offer a significant discount, the GoBoat 2.0's base price might be seen as steep by some, especially considering it's essentially an inflatable craft.
  3. Speed: A maximum speed of 5 mph might feel limited to some users, especially those looking for a thrill ride or a quick zipping experience on the water.
  4. Limited Seating: The GoBoat 2.0 accommodates only one person, which might not be ideal for families or groups wishing to travel together.
  5. Durability: Even with its rugged AirCore composite construction, the GoBoat 2.0 is still an inflatable craft. Long-term durability, especially in rough waters or against sharp objects, might be a concern for some users.

In a nutshell, if you're looking for a unique, personal boating experience, and don't mind the price tag, the GoBoat 2.0 could be a fine choice. But for those seeking high-speed action or a more communal experience, you might want to navigate toward other options. As with any adventure, it's all about finding the right fit.

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