Devos LightRanger: A Revolution in Outdoor Lighting Experience

Portable, versatile, bright outdoor illumination

Ah, the simple joy of being out under the starlight, a slow turning canvas of distant galaxies providing an unassuming backdrop to your quiet nocturnal escapades. Yet, let's face it, as much as we appreciate the celestial spectacle, we humans have our limitations. Darkness? Not so good for our poorly adapted eyes. That's where the LightRanger steps into the picture, quite literally illuminating your surroundings in a way that would make Prometheus himself proud.

This isn't some humdrum portable light, no. It's a sturdy, weather-resistant beacon designed to withstand Mother Nature's mood swings. With the capacity to stretch from 3 to a lofty 9 feet, it's a telescoping marvel that takes the “lamp” out of “camping” and transmutes it into a veritable lighthouse.

Illuminating up to a 60-foot diameter, it's like your own personal full moon, minus the werewolves. Offering a generous 360 degrees of brilliant luminosity, it'll light up everything from your crackling fire pit to the forgotten guitar at the corner of your tent. And with a battery life boasting up to 80 hours, you can forget about rationing the light – it's bright days and nights all the way.

What I particularly appreciate about the LightRanger is its adjustable nature. Like the aperture on a camera, you can control the degree of luminosity based on your needs, all the way from a gentle 60 to a resounding 1200 lumens. Talk about versatility, it's got more brightness settings than a greasy spoon diner has hash brown options.

Add to this the convenience of USB-C fast charging, ensuring that your light is ready to go whenever you are. Charging up to 60% in just an hour, it's about as swift as a hummingbird on a caffeine rush.

The LightRanger also helps keep our insect companions at bay. By elevating the light source, it draws bugs up and away from your face, essentially acting as a bug deflector. With this, you can say goodbye to those pesky mosquito dive-bombers, and hello to a clear, unobstructed view of your surroundings.

LightRanger comes in two varieties, the 1200 and 800. The former is your high-end choice, bringing the ultimate experience in outdoor lighting. Meanwhile, the 800 series is a more budget-conscious alternative, offering a balance between luminosity and affordability.

All in all, the LightRanger is more than a light source – it's an essential part of any outdoor expedition, a beacon in the wilderness, a sentinel against the darkness. So, whether you're a casual backyard stargazer, a dedicated off-grid survivalist, or somewhere in between, I believe the LightRanger is the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. After all, life's too short to stumble in the dark. Embrace the light.


1. Versatile Brightness: With the capacity to adjust the lumens from 60 to 1200, the LightRanger provides a versatile range of light intensities to cater to various outdoor needs.

2. Elevated Illumination: The LightRanger, with its telescoping height up to 9 feet, provides a wide area of illumination, around 60-foot diameter, and keeps the light above eye level to prevent glare.

3. Battery Life: With a substantial battery life of up to 80 hours, you can rely on the LightRanger for extended outdoor activities without the constant worry of recharging.

4. Insect Deterrence: The elevated light source tends to draw bugs upwards, away from human activity, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience.

5. USB-C Fast Charging: The device supports USB-C fast charging, which allows you to quickly recharge and resume your activities with minimal interruption.

6. Weatherproof: The IPX6 weatherproof rating ensures that the LightRanger can withstand harsh weather conditions, enhancing its durability and longevity.


1. Price: The LightRanger 1200 model may be a bit steep in price for some consumers, although the 800 model provides a more budget-friendly alternative.

2. Weight: For some users, the overall weight of the LightRanger (especially when including the pole and tripod base) might make it a bit cumbersome for portable use, particularly for long treks.

3. Full Charge Time: While it can charge to 60% in an hour, a full charge takes up to 3.5 hours (for the 1200 model) or 4 hours (for the 800 model), which may require some planning for continuous use.

4. Single Direction Light: Although it illuminates in 360 degrees, the direction of the light is upwards. In certain scenarios, you might need directed light at lower levels or specific areas.

In summary, the LightRanger's strengths in brightness versatility, area coverage, battery longevity, and durability are clear selling points for the active outdoor enthusiast. However, considerations around price, weight, and charging time may necessitate careful consideration depending on the intended usage and personal preferences.

$154 – LightRanger 1200
$114 – LightRanger 800

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