Transform Your Commute with Crea Cubed’s ALIEN-ISH ONGO: The E-Scooter That’s Also a Mobile Office

Innovative, foldable, lightweight e-scooter backpack

Listen up, folks. I've been around the world, and I've seen a thing or two in my travels. I've seen monuments and miracles, experienced cultures beyond belief, and met people whose stories could make your hair curl. But, let me tell you, in all my worldly ventures, I've never seen anything quite as head-turning and revolutionary as this fine piece of engineering we're discussing today.

The ALIEN-ISH ONGO e-scooter – just a bundle of space-age technology that’s crafted by Crea Cubed, a dedicated team with a vision not just for green and efficient mobility but also community upskilling. From students and young unemployed individuals, to women weaving and sewing, they've made this not just a product, but a cause, a mission, and that my friends, is something I truly admire.

We live in a world that is always in motion, a constant whir of chaos and order. The ONGO scooter serves as a symbiotic piece of that world, enabling smooth transitions between work and play, between rest and hustle. It's a veritable Swiss Army knife of the urban jungle, offering the comforts of mobility, a trusty backpack for your essentials, and even a mobile workstation. And should the night find you on the road, let its LED lights guide your path like a trusty firefly.

Weighing just around 13 kilograms, the ONGO is the featherweight champion of the e-scooter world, while still being able to carry 100 kilograms of load. Now, that's what I call punching above your weight. And its folding design? Genius. It’s like a secret identity, an e-scooter by day and a compact backpack at night. A hero of design and innovation if you ask me.

The aesthetic selection on offer would put a rainbow to shame, with metallic shades to choose from that would make even a peacock blush. The handmade straps on the backpack add that human touch, a dash of authenticity in this world of mass-produced uniformity.

Now, it's not just the looks that turn heads. This gadget is capable of zooming around town at a steady 25 km/h, allowing you to surf through the city in style, but most importantly, in speed. Imagine zipping past those endless traffic jams, grinning like a Cheshire cat!

Let's talk about the details. The materials used, steel and aluminum, a nod to strength and durability while keeping it as light as a feather. Even the tires are puncture-proof, sparing you from the age-old dread of a flat tire in the middle of a commute.

From a comfort standpoint, you're taken care of, too. The height-adjustable handlebar and the adaptable seat cater to everyone from the vertically blessed to those closer to the ground.

But here's the real game-changer – the work stand. We live in an era of “work from anywhere”, and this scooter takes that concept to a whole new level. An office on wheels, literally! Now you can type out that report while enjoying the city breeze. Now that's what I call working smart.

So, my fellow journeyers, for the price of $649, you're not just buying an e-scooter, you're investing in a tool that'll revolutionize your daily hustle. It's not just a ride; it's a solution, a statement, and most importantly, a symbol of a cleaner, greener future. So, go ahead, join the revolution, and let's ride into the future, one ONGO at a time.


  1. Multi-Functional: One of the biggest advantages of the ONGO e-scooter is its multi-functional design. It can be used for transportation, as a backpack, and even as a mobile workstation, offering great utility and convenience.
  2. Portable and Lightweight: With a weight of only 13kg and a foldable design, the ONGO e-scooter is easily portable, making it ideal for those who want to carry it with them on the go.
  3. Innovative Design: The unique design, which includes adjustable seating and handlebars, sets this e-scooter apart from its competitors. Plus, the variety of metallic shades available adds to its aesthetic appeal.
  4. Durable Construction: Made from steel and aluminum, the ONGO e-scooter is designed to be durable and sturdy, offering a long-lasting transportation solution.
  5. LED Lighting: The scooter is equipped with LED lighting, improving safety for night riding and adding an extra fun element with various lighting modes.
  6. Community Building: The scooter is handcrafted and involves various sections of the community in its production, promoting skill development and job creation.


  1. Price: At $649, the ONGO e-scooter is quite an investment. It's not the most affordable option on the market, which could be a deterrent for some potential buyers.
  2. Limited Speed: The maximum speed of 25 km/h may not be sufficient for some riders, especially those looking to use it for longer commutes.
  3. Battery Life: With an average travel distance per charge of 18km, the battery life of the ONGO e-scooter may not be sufficient for those who plan to use it extensively throughout the day.
  4. Applicable Terrain: It's mentioned that the scooter works best on cement, asphalt, and flat soil pavements. So, its performance might not be as good on uneven or rough terrains.
  5. Weight Capacity: The scooter has a maximum payload of 100kg, which may not be sufficient for heavier users or those who want to carry a significant amount of weight in the backpack.


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