Touratech DESTINO Adventure: The Only Motorcycle Boot with a Detachable Inner Leisure Shoe

Revolutionary, Versatile, Robust, Comfortable, Multi-Functional

Life on the road or off it, it’s not about frills or showmanship, but the essentials—the real, the rugged, the functional. Now imagine straddling your motorcycle, staring down a road that stretches infinitely ahead or takes an unknown turn into the dirt and gravel. You know your boots are the unsung heroes of this journey. Enter the DESTINO Adventure, a piece of engineering that understands the nomadic spirit, but with the sophistication of an old soul who's been around the block.

We're not talking about a boot that does just one thing well; we're talking versatility. This is no lukewarm dalliance between form and function. It’s a lovingly engineered hybrid of an enduro boot’s ruggedness and a touring boot's comfort. And before you start raising eyebrows, let’s be clear: it's not about compromise. This is a marriage of high functionality and paramount safety. Picture the kind of boot that's as at home grinding through gravel as it is on the twists and turns of scenic backroads.

So, you've parked your bike in the city, maybe for a museum visit or a clandestine rendezvous at a local tavern. Well, this boot has a trick up its sleeve—or rather, under its outer layer. You can slip out of the rugged exterior and walk around in a breathable, fully adequate leisure shoe. Trust me, in the world of dual-purpose travel gear, this is a big deal. It's akin to having a reliable Swiss Army knife when you’re in a jam—minus the annoying bulk.

Oh, and the safety? Look, we're all out here rolling the dice, living for the thrill, but some things shouldn't be left to chance. The boot is designed to not just protect but to endure. Made from painted full-grain leather and reinforced with protectors, this boot is like that old war veteran—scarred but unbreakable. The toe and talon are fortified with impact-resistant polyurethane. Even the shin gets its own plastic guardian angel. As for convenience? You'll find the buckles precisely adjustable. Even the shaft end is designed to keep dirt and splash water from making uninvited entrances.

Now, if you're more into the extreme, pushing the edge with hard enduro travels, you have the option to screw on a metal cap at the tip. And let’s not forget the soles—they're stitched through, guaranteeing an enduring relationship with your feet, no matter how hard you ride.

Imagine wearing a boot that knows you, that carries inside it the wisdom of hundreds of thousands of test miles and countless journeys through extreme conditions. Whether you're a globe-trekker with an insatiable wanderlust or a weekend warrior seeking that perfect sunset, the DESTINO Adventure offers you three boots in one. A boot for all seasons, all terrains, and all the wonderful unpredictability that is the open road. At about $154 USD, it's not just a piece of gear; it's a ticket to freedom. Ride on.


  1. Versatility: Combines the ruggedness of an enduro boot with the comfort of a touring boot. Suitable for different types of terrains and riding styles.
  2. Three-in-One Design: Acts as a protective riding boot, a locking storage mechanism for your bike, and a leisure shoe all in one.
  3. High-Quality Materials: Made from painted full-grain leather and reinforced by impact-resistant polyurethane, providing durability and robustness.
  4. Advanced Safety Features: Comes with toe and talon protection, as well as a plastic shin guard for added safety.
  5. Customizable: Optional screw-on metal cap for extreme enduro travels and precisely adjustable buckles for a personalized fit.
  6. Convenience: Inner shoe can be worn separately and is both breathable and waterproof. Extra-wide opening makes the boot easy to put on and take off.
  7. Long-Lasting: Stitched-through soles provide durability even in extreme conditions.
  8. Price: Considering its multi-functionality and quality, the price tag of approximately $154 USD represents good value.


  1. Complexity: The multi-functionality might be overwhelming for riders looking for a simple, straightforward boot.
  2. Weight: The incorporation of various features and materials could make the boot heavier than more specialized, single-purpose boots.
  3. Aesthetic Limitations: Although it comes in three design versions, some riders may find the appearance too utilitarian or not to their taste.
  4. Learning Curve: With numerous features, it may take time to fully understand and efficiently use all of them.
  5. Pack Size: Even though it aims to save space by being multi-functional, the boot may still take up considerable room, especially when you consider storing the detached outer layer while using the inner shoe.

~$154 USD

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