Theragun – Better than Foam Rolling and Easier to Use

Foam rolling increases blood to your muscles and makes it more flexible for better recovery and performance. However, if you want something better and easier to use, consider the Theragun.

It looks like an electric drill with a high density foam ball attached. The Theragun hammers your muscles at high frequency (60-65 hz) to increase blood flow and create better mobility.

Professional athletes from Football, Golf, MMA, and more love using the Theragun. It gets deeper than many other soft tissue massage tool and is very simple to use. Weighs about 3 pounds and can easily fit into a backpack or gym bag.

A full charge lasts about 20 minutes of continuous usage and recharges fully in 30 minutes.

This version of the Theragun is no longer available. Check other massage guns from Therabody.

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