Therabody RecoveryAir JetBoots wireless compression boots

Wireless compression boots

Therabody, makers of the popular Theragun massage gun, now have wireless compression boots in their lineup with the RecoveryAir JetBoots. Compression boots typically have an external pump to fill up its chambers; Jetboots have a pump built-in at the bottom of each boot.

You control the pump with the controller on the top part of each boot or use smartphone via the Therabody App. There are four chambers in each JetBoot and each chamber overlaps the next to ensure there's no backflow when it is moving fluids through your legs.

Also, the compression produced by the RecoveryAir Jetboots has a true negative gradient which means the lower chamber always has a slightly higher pressure than the next to maximize circulation.

A full cycle of inflation and deflation takes about 60 seconds. According to Therabody this is 2-3 times faster than NormaTec‘s Flush Mode. However, there is no active deflation like some other compression boots that use the pump to pump air out of the chambers.

Battery life is about 4 hours depending on the settings used but the average user does not use for more than an hour. Even 20 minutes of use may be enough for most people.


  • No wires or external pump to worry about
  • Fast inflation/deflation cycle
  • Easy to clean
  • 240 minute battery life
  • Both boots are synchronized when pumping
  • Negative gradient compression


  • Batteries in general tend to deteriorate in time
  • Not compatible with RecoveryAir garments
  • Carry pouch is non-protective
  • The pump does not deflate the chambers

What are compression boots?

Since your legs are below your heart, it is harder to the heart to pump metabolic wastes from your legs to your lymph system, which helps get rid of it. Compression boots are inflatable sleeves for the legs that use compressed air to help move the metabolic waste to speed up recovery.

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