TheArsenale 2×2 Ultra Bike: Conquer Tough Terrains with Robust Electric Power

Robust, Versatile Off-Road E-Bike

Imagine straddling a beast that thrives on rugged terrain and never backs down from an adventure. TheArseanle's 2×2 Ultra Bike, powered by Robo Systems, is that beast—a marvel of engineering that redefines the limits of electric off-road biking. Built to tackle the untamed wild, this electric two-wheel drive motorbike comes equipped with 1,000-watt brushless DC motors in each wheel, propelling you across challenging landscapes with a force that's both silent and potent.

With a robust 48-volt LifePo4 battery housed securely within a watertight compartment, this machine dismisses the conventional gas engine for something far more futuristic. Charging is a breeze, taking only an hour to power up fully and offering a substantial range of 50 kilometers. This endurance makes it not just capable but also reliable for extended escapades into the wilderness.

What sets this bike apart are the voluminous, balloon tires that barely touch the ground, minimizing pressure and maximizing your ability to conquer diverse terrains. Whether it's sand, snow, or marsh, these tires make you nearly unstoppable. Should you find yourself wanting to push beyond even what its impressive battery can handle, the bike's design allows for the addition of a portable gasoline generator. This setup provides nearly limitless range, as the onboard charger rejuvenates the battery while you ride.

The practicality extends to a built-in inverter capable of powering up to 3000W of electric tools and appliances—perfect for those who venture far from the beaten path but might need to make a quick fix or set up camp. The hydraulic brake system, featuring 190mm discs on both wheels, ensures that you have reliable stopping power at your fingertips, essential for controlling such a powerful machine.

Priced at $15,000, the 2×2 Ultra Bike isn't just another electric vehicle; it's an investment in unparalleled freedom and capability, a companion for those who view the world as a playground waiting to be explored. For those who are looking for the ultimate off-road adventure e-bike, this model promises not just performance but the thrill of mastering any landscape.


  1. Dual Electric Motors: Each wheel equipped with a 1,000-watt motor provides significant power and traction, ideal for handling difficult terrains.
  2. Quick Charging Battery: A 48-volt LifePo4 battery that charges within an hour offers convenience and reduces downtime.
  3. Extended Range Options: The inclusion of a portable gasoline generator and fuel tanks integrated into the wheels can significantly extend the bike’s range.
  4. Versatile Tire Design: Large, air-filled tires excel in navigating over soft or uneven surfaces like sand, snow, and marsh, enhancing mobility in diverse environments.
  5. Utility Features: Built-in inverter to power up to 3000W of tools and appliances, adding practicality for outdoor activities and emergencies.
  6. Robust Braking System: Hydraulic brakes with large discs ensure effective stopping power, crucial for safety in challenging terrains.


  1. High Price Point: At $15,000, it is a significant investment, potentially limiting its accessibility to enthusiasts or professionals.
  2. Limited Speed and Range: A maximum speed of 30 mph and a range of 50 km may not suffice for all users, particularly those used to more traditional, fuel-powered bikes.
  3. Weight Consideration: Weighing 133 lbs, it is relatively heavy, which could affect handling and transport when not in use.
  4. Complexity and Maintenance: The advanced features and technologies might require specialized knowledge or services for maintenance and repairs.
  5. Dependence on Electric Power: In areas where recharging facilities are sparse or in situations without access to power for the generator, the bike’s utility could be diminished.


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