The Lumos Matrix Helmet is Lit!

Front and back of Lumos Matrix Helmet

Helmet with Lights

There are other helmets out there that have lights built-in but none of them attract more attention and is more visible than the Lumos Matrix Helmet. When you're riding on the streets at night, attention is what you want. Because to be seen is to be safe.

The Lumos Matrix Helmet has 77 RGB LED lights at the back and 22 bright white LEDs in front and produces 1000 lumens of light. A standard 60-watt bulb puts out around 750-850 lumens. The lights aren't static. They are animated in a customizable flashing pattern and designed to stand out on the road.

Not only that. The LEDs function as turn signals, which can be activated via a remote, and brake lights which activates automatically when you slow down or stop.

You can also connect it to your Apple Watch and use gestures to activate the turn signals. They also have an app you can use to control the LEDs.

Remote for Lumos helmet

The Lumos Matrix is an Urban Style helmet meant for electric bikes, electric skateboards, electrics scooters, and other similar electric vehicles. 

The previous version of the Lumos helmet, which won multiple awards, was only meant for bicycles and is rated as such. The new Lumos Matrix is rated to CPSC/F1492, making it suitable for aggressive roller and in-line skating, “electric personal assistive mobility devices”, and sledding. CPSC stands for Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Weighing about 1.2 lbs, it's about as heavy as 3 iPhone 7 pluses and about the same as standard bike helmets. High-end helmets weigh about half the Lumos Matrix but they also tend to be slightly more expensive even though they don't have lights.

The Lumos Matrix has a built-in battery that last about 4 hours in non-blinking mode. It can last up to 10 hours on low power blink mode.

Optional MIPS

While the CPSC ratings are great, they're only for linear impact to the helmet. Most impacts in an accident are angular and rotational.

That's why you need MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) to reduce harmful forces transmitted to the brain from angular or rotational impacts.

MIPS BPS system allows the head to move inside the helmet, which reduces the harmful rotational motion otherwise transferred to the brain.

Unfortunately, the Lumos Matrix helmet doesn't come standard with MIPS BPS. To get MIPS BPS you need to shell out an extra $23.


  • 1000 Lumens of visibility
  • Turn Signals
  • Automatic brake indictor
  • Better protection than standard bike helmets
  • Cheaper than high-end bike helmets


  • You need to pay extra for MIPS BPS
  • Heavier than standard helmets


The Lumos Matrix Helmet provides excellent protection for your head especially with MIPS BPS. The LED lights especially with the patterns tend to catch of the attention of other road users making it a safer helmet than standard bike helmets without lights.

It also has turn signals activated via Apple Watch, App, or remote, and automatic brake indicator that activates when you slow down or stop. Plus it is rated for use on electric personal transportation like electric bikes and electric skateboard.

The Lumos Matrix is cheaper than high-end bike helmets that don't come with lights, making it a good value for money.

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