Is Specialized making the ultimate bike saddle?

The Ultimate Bike Saddle by Specialized

Ultimate Bike Saddle

As of right now, there's no such thing as the ultimate bike saddle. None that I know of anyway. 

The thing is, a saddle that is comfortable for one rider may be uncomfortable for another. It depends on a lot of things like the rider's anatomy, pedaling style, weight, bike, position of bike, and possibly more.

What the bike company Specialized is trying to do is use their Mirror Technology, which prints liquid polymer with light and oxygen, to 'perfectly reflect your anatomy'.

Specialized have teamed up Silicon Valley company Carbon, which makes 3D-printed products that are flexible and strong so that they can conform to the human body.

Is This The Seat Cover Your Looking...
Is This The Seat Cover Your Looking For?

By "growing objects from liquid", they create a complex lattice structure in which the density can be tuned infinitely unlike foam.

We don't know what Specialized is going to call the special saddle yet but that did say they were developing a "Power saddle using Mirror Technology that features a patent-pending lattice of 14,000 struts and 7799 nodes, each of which can be tuned individually." We can only guess it'll be called Power Saddle.

What we do know is that Specialized's ultimate saddle should be available sometime in 2020.

Preliminary testing on a non-custom version have resulted in comfy rides with zero hotspots or pain points even on the bone-jarring dirt roads near Specialized's headquarters in Morgan Hill, California.

The final product would be custom-made to each buyer's rear side using a pressure mapping tool at a local dealer.


  • Custom -made
  • Comfortable
  • Better than foam saddles


  • Not available in 2019
  • Need to custom fit at local dealer


If you're looking to enjoy riding your bike more, a really comfortable saddle can go a long way. With Specialized's approach to making the ultimate bike saddle I believe it'll be the most comfortable bike saddle you've ever tried. You can sign for update by clicking the button below.

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