The Ice Pod – portable and affordable ice bath therapy

Cold water therapy on the go

The Ice Pod is an an affordable solution for cold water therapy on the go. With its simple design, you can now reap the benefits of ice water baths including reducing inflammation and speeding up recovery, without the need for a chest freezer or expensive custom ice bath. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this insulated bath is suitable for individuals up to 6ft9 or 210cm in height.

Choose from two models – the Standard Icepod and the 2.0 PRO version. The Standard is designed for beginners and recreational use, featuring insulation to keep ice cold for up to 24 hours, high-quality materials for frequent use, and easy portability. Meanwhile, the 2.0 PRO is designed for pro athletes, featuring advanced sub-zero technology and double insulation to keep water cold for longer periods of 2-4 days depending on your climate, allowing for optimal cold therapy temperatures with less ice needed for each session. Its high-quality UV-resistant materials are perfect for frequent outdoor use and easy portability.

Both models have a diameter of 32 inches (80cm), a height of 29 inches (72cm), a weight of 7 lb (3 kg), and a capacity of 79 gal (300L). So, whether you're a beginner or a pro, The Ice Pod has got you covered. Try it out now and take your cold water therapy game to the next level!

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