Redshift Arclight illuminated pedals now clipless

Clipless for optimum efficiency, comfort, and power

Redshift Sports has designed the Arclight Pro Clipless Pedals for both bicycle commuters and mountain bikers who ride in low-light conditions. The clipless mechanism of these pedals ensures maximum comfort and efficiency as your feet remain in the same spot, minimizing discomfort and maximizing efficiency.

The Arclight Pro Clipless Pedals feature a double-sided SPD-style retention mechanism that provides a secure and comfortable grip. These pedals also have two weatherproof dual-color LED modules per pedal that are held in place by magnets, making them easy to remove and recharge. With just the press of a button, you can switch between three different modes – Flash, Eco, or Steady – and these pedals function as both tail lights and be-seen headlights, ensuring visibility to motorists at all times.

What sets the Arclight Pro Clipless Pedals apart is their innovative movement feature. The up-and-down motion of the pedals makes them even more eye-catching, ensuring that motorists can see you from all angles. This added safety feature is a game-changer for any cyclist who wants to ride with confidence, day or night.

Constructed from high-quality machined aluminum, these pedals are both durable and lightweight. The platform can be removed in two pieces, leaving just the clipless mechanism for mountain bikers who prefer it that way.

With a battery life of up to 36 hours per 2-hour USB charge, the Arclight Pro Clipless Pedals are a reliable and long-lasting investment. Redshift Sports offers these pedals for $174.99 on their website, and the Arclight Pro Flat model is also available for mountain bikers who don't use clipless pedals, providing excellent grip and traction on any surface.

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