The HM8 Mark 2: MB&F’s Ultimate Ode to Speed and Precision

Supercar-inspired, limited-edition, luxury, horological marvel

There are moments when you come across something that perfectly captures a raw, visceral feeling, something that stirs up the gutsy echoes of high-powered engines and the thrilling blaze of a race track. Today, I’m talking about the HM8 Mark 2 watch by MB&F. This bad boy isn't just a watch; it's a statement, a love letter to those who thirst for the open road and the roar of an engine.

MB&F, the rebel child of the watchmaking world, once again, has taken the essence of speed and mechanical prowess and crammed it into a wearable form. Just imagine holding a miniature supercar on your wrist, its complex machinery ticking away to the rhythm of your pulse. It's a creation that doesn't merely keep time; it carries a part of the very soul of the open road.

The craftsmanship is stunning, a three-dimensional horological engine, the lovechild of a jumping hour and trailing minutes module, given life by a 22K gold automatic winding rotor. And all of this is visible under a cover that resembles the sleek body of a supercar. It’s not just a machine; it's an experience.

MB&F has offered two editions of the HM8 Mark 2 – one in pure titanium with white CarbonMacrolon body panels, and another in titanium but with the body panels in that legendary British racing green. And here's the catch, the green version is limited to just 33 pieces. An exclusive club of watch owners, if you will.

The connection to automobiles runs deep, and the Mark 2 pays homage to this. The speedometer-style display is a subtle wink to the classic and futuristic designs of the 70s. It’s a timepiece that nods to its predecessors, capturing the best features of the HM5, HMX, and HM8, and marries them into a new form.

But beyond the bells and whistles, there’s a beautiful simplicity to the design, a sleekness that echoes the aerodynamic prowess of the cars that inspired it. It's rugged, but with an elegance, a perfect blend of raw mechanical beauty and refined artistry. It's a perfect companion for those who love to be active, who crave the pulse of adrenaline that comes with speed.

MB&F was built on a rebellion, a rejection of the cookie-cutter constraints of corporate watchmaking. With the HM8 Mark 2, they've done more than create a watch; they've crafted a kinetic sculpture, a piece of wearable art that’s a testament to the skill and passion of the human spirit.

And there's something about that which resonates with me deeply. Whether you're strapping it to your wrist for an adventure or simply want to wear a piece of art on your arm, the HM8 Mark 2 is not just a timepiece; it's a testament to the audacious spirit of the road, a tribute to speed, freedom, and craftsmanship. And, frankly, it's pretty damn cool.


  1. Uniqueness & Exclusivity: The HM8 Mark 2, especially the British racing green variant, is a highly exclusive piece with only 33 units available. This exclusivity makes it a unique and valuable addition to any collection.
  2. Innovative Design: Drawing inspiration from the automobile industry, the design is incredibly unique, melding the aesthetics of a supercar with the mechanics of a high-end watch. The speedometer-style display and sleek lines make it a standout piece.
  3. High-quality Materials: With the use of grade 5 titanium, CarbonMacrolon body panels, and a 22K gold automatic winding rotor, this watch showcases some of the best materials in the watchmaking industry.
  4. Technologically Advanced: The watch employs a jumping hour and trailing minutes module developed in-house by MB&F, highlighting advanced horological technology.
  5. Prestigious Brand: MB&F has built a reputation as a rebellious and innovative company that produces high-quality, artistic watches. Owning a watch from MB&F is a symbol of appreciation for unique and unconventional timepieces.


  1. High Price Point: With a price tag of $78,000, this watch is a significant investment and may not be accessible to many potential customers.
  2. Limited Availability: The limited-edition nature of the watch, especially the British racing green variant, could make it challenging to acquire.
  3. Specific Aesthetic: The watch's automobile-inspired design might not appeal to everyone. It is a statement piece with a very specific aesthetic that may not fit everyone's personal style.
  4. Size & Comfort: The watch's size and shape, inspired by the ergonomic design of a supercar, could potentially make it less comfortable to wear for extended periods, especially for individuals with smaller wrists.
  5. Maintenance & Durability: Given the complex machinery and high-end materials used in the watch, maintenance could be costly and difficult. It might also be more prone to damage due to its intricate design and the nature of its materials.


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