Tentsla X1 4-person camping tent is made for Tesla Model Y

For use with Tesla's Camp mode

The Tentsla X1 is a high-tech tent designed for camping with the Tesla Model Y in Camp mode, which is a low power mode that maintains an ideal temperature and airflow for sleeping as well as keep the touch screen and USB ports active. It typically consumes about 10% of the charge in an 8-hour period but may vary depending on the weather.

Designed to make Camp Mode feel more like actual camping instead of just sleeping in the car, Tentsla – a Colorado-based startup (not associated with Tesla), developed the Tentsla X1 as an airtight tent that is set up from the trunk of the Model Y. It features a triple layered trunk connection to maintain the airflow and temperature in “camp mode”.

The Tentsla X1 has a footprint of 7.2′ x 7.1′ to comfortably fit 4 people and can be set up in minutes using a manual pump. It is made of 210D Oxford with silver coated interior for water resistance and heat insulation.

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