Symbodi Vertigun – World’s first wall-mounted massage gun

Handsfree percussion massager for your back

Massage guns like the Theragun and Hypervolt may be the best in the business but neither can do what the Symbodi Vertigun can – get mounted on the wall so you can massage your back more effectively without anyone to do it for you. Using an industrial strength airlock mount, the Vertigun securely mounts onto any smooth non-porous surface. You can now move the target area of you body across the path of the percussion massager to eliminate muscle knots and provide relief.

If you need to remove the Vertigun from the mount for use on other parts of the body, simply press on the lever and slide it up. It's a very quiet percussion massager with a noise output of 48 dB compared to the Theragun (75 dB) and Hypervolt (60 dB).

As for power and speed, we currently can't find any information on it. We only know that it comes in 6 settings for you to dial in the right intensity for your needs. The company claims that it can last up to 8 hours of use. In comparison the Theragun has a run time of 150 minutes.

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