SUPER73-C1X: Leading the Electric Revolution with Fast-Charging Mastery

Electric, agile, fast-charging, stylish, revolutionary

As if plucked from the future yet echoing the past, the Super73 C1X Phase 2 roars in, revving up a storm in the landscape of two-wheelers. You might call it a rebellion on wheels. The C1X is not your average motorcycle, not by a long stretch. Its electric heart pulses with raw power, pushing the boundaries of the genre and spinning tradition on its head.

Shaped by the pioneers at SUPER73, the C1X marks the dawn of a new era, an electric revolution, if you will. It's less of a vehicle and more of an experience, an embodiment of groundbreaking technology and classic moto spirit, woven together in a ballet of innovation. A new kid on the block, yet it carries the wisdom and nostalgia of the good ol' moto days.

Look at those 15″ wheels. They're not just about style – although they've got plenty of that. These wheels, along with the shortened wheelbase, make for an agility that traditional motorcycles could only dream of. Weaving through the city streets or conquering the open road, this dynamo promises a dance that's nimble, quick, and leaves a smaller footprint.

The aesthetics of the C1X are a sight for sore eyes, taking cues from the custom motorcycle realm and fusing them with futuristic simplicity. The hooped monoposto subframe and the tracker-style front number board play up the custom spirit, while the slick lines and minimalistic elegance whisper of the future.

But what's a revolution without power? The C1X is no paper tiger. It's freeway-capable, with a top speed around 75mph and a range of a 100 miles. The true stroke of genius, though, is the fast-charging technology – a full 80% charge in under 15 minutes. This ride won't leave you high and dry.

And lest I forget, the LED lights. With both Daytime Running Lights and an LED headlamp, the C1X ensures you're seen, in more ways than one. It's not just about illumination – it's about making a statement.

But it's more than just features, specs, and design – the C1X is a way of life. It's for the adventurers, the pioneers, the thrill-seekers. The ones who aren't afraid to blaze their own trails, who cherish the freedom of the open road, and who dare to redefine the norm.

In a world where we're all chasing the next big thrill, the Super73 C1X is not just a ride – it's a journey, a statement, an adventure. An electrifying, exhilarating ride into the future. So, get your helmets ready, adventurers. The future is here, and it's riding a C1X.


  1. Electric Powertrain: The electric engine makes for a sustainable and eco-friendly option. It's cleaner, quieter, and requires less maintenance than a traditional petrol engine.
  2. Fast-Charging Technology: One of the most impressive features of the C1X is its ability to reach an 80% charge in under 15 minutes. This fast charging eliminates the long wait associated with electric vehicles and keeps you on the move.
  3. Design: With a stylish, custom-inspired appearance that bridges the gap between ebikes and full-sized motorcycles, the C1X is a head-turner. It’s modern and yet, retains a classic moto culture vibe.
  4. Performance: With a top speed of roughly 75mph and a 100-mile range, the C1X doesn’t just look the part, it delivers on performance too. It's freeway-capable, making it a versatile option for city and highway driving.
  5. Agility and Compactness: The reduced wheel base and 15″ wheels provide increased agility, making it a great choice for urban environments.
  6. LED Lights: Equipped with Daytime Running Lights and LED headlamp, the C1X ensures good visibility for safe riding.


  1. Price: Electric motorcycles, especially those with cutting-edge technology like the C1X, can be quite expensive. Depending on your budget, this might be a significant con.
  2. Limited Infrastructure: As with all electric vehicles, access to charging stations can be a concern, especially for long trips or in areas where EV infrastructure is not well-developed.
  3. Learner's Curve: With its innovative features and performance capabilities, there might be a learner’s curve for those transitioning from traditional motorcycles or those new to two-wheeled vehicles.
  4. Battery Lifespan: Although this electric motorcycle boasts a robust battery, the lifespan and performance of the battery will likely diminish over time. Battery replacement can be expensive.
  5. Dependency on Electricity: In areas where power outages are frequent, charging your C1X might become a challenge. This is a drawback shared by all electric vehicles.
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