Strength and Elegance: The High-Tech Ceramic Design of Hublot BIG BANG E GEN3 BLACK MAGIC

Tradition and technology's bold fusion

It's in the stark interface of past and future, the eternal dance between the old and the new, that the Hublot BIG BANG E GEN3 BLACK MAGIC finds its soul. It's a piece that stands as a monument to audacious innovation, a bridge between tradition and technology, where the time-honored techniques of watchmaking encounter the staggering advancements of the digital age.

Crafted in microblasted and polished black ceramic, this 44mm piece, isn't just a watch; it's a story about persistence, a testament to our relentless search for perfection. It's tough, almost impervious to scratches unless you have a diamond handy, a reflection of our own struggle for resilience in the face of life's trials. It's a beautiful reminder that resilience is a thing of beauty, a tangible proof that strength doesn't always have to come at the cost of elegance.

What makes this Hublot stand out is its embrace of the “Art of Fusion”. It's not just about combining 18k gold with a rubber strap, it's about merging worlds. It's about acknowledging that no tradition is too sacred to touch, no innovation too radical to consider. It's in the pairing of opposites that the unexpected emerges, that true creativity takes flight.

That digital dial tells its own story, one of relentless progression. The Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 4100+ makes for a sleek, snappy interface, a window into the world of possibilities that digital technology has to offer. It's fast, intuitive, smart, and above all, human. Coupled with the Wear OS by Google™, it's not just a watch, but a personal assistant, fitness tracker, and digital wallet all in one.

And yet, despite the high-tech specs and digital interfaces, the Big Bang e retains an air of classic elegance. The black structured lined rubber straps are more than just practical; they're a nod to the past, a tribute to the daring fusion of materials that became Hublot's signature.

Finally, the wealth of sensors packed into this piece make it more than just a timekeeper. It's a companion, one that tracks your heart rate, lights up when you need it, whispers notifications into your ear, and vibrates gently to catch your attention. It's a testament to the incredible progress we've made, a symbol of the ever-thinning line between us and our technology.

My verdict? The Hublot BIG BANG E GEN3 BLACK MAGIC is a piece for the bold, for those unafraid to merge the lanes of tradition and technology. It's a symbol of progress, a tribute to our unending quest for the new, the unexplored. It's not just a watch; it's a symbol of an era.


  1. Material Quality: Made from high-tech ceramic that's almost entirely scratch-proof, the watch exhibits durability and strength, ensuring it can stand up to regular wear and tear and still look fantastic.
  2. Design Fusion: The combination of classic and contemporary design elements create a unique aesthetic, appealing to a broad range of style preferences.
  3. Advanced Tech Features: Powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 4100+ and Wear OS by Google™, the watch brings a host of smart functionalities, from heart rate monitoring to easy digital payments with Google Pay™.
  4. Customizability: The custom strap configurator is a great touch, allowing users to personalize the watch to their style and comfort.
  5. Water Resistance: Its water resistance up to 30m or 3 ATM offers a level of durability against water damage, making it suitable for everyday use.


  1. Battery Life: A major drawback of many smartwatches, including this one, is the short battery life. With only one day of power reserve, you'll need to recharge it daily.
  2. Price Point: At USD 5,400, it's a high-end product. While the price may be justifiable due to the high-quality materials and advanced technology used, it may still be out of reach for many potential buyers.
  3. Compatibility Issues: While it's compatible with both Android and iOS, some features may vary depending on the platform, which can lead to an inconsistent user experience.
  4. Size: At 44mm, the watch case might be considered large for some individuals, especially those with smaller wrists.
  5. Limited Water Resistance: While the 30m water resistance is suitable for daily use, it's not sufficient for more serious water activities, like swimming or diving.

Overall, the Hublot BIG BANG E GEN3 BLACK MAGIC is a robust, stylish, and technologically advanced timepiece. However, potential buyers need to weigh these pros and cons carefully to determine if it suits their needs and preferences.

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