Splach M8: The Future of Urban Commuting and Portable Power

Scooter and charger on wheels

Ah, the open road — no, let’s rephrase that: the city’s streets, corners, and alleyways — beckon, a sprawling canvas waiting for you to paint your own narrative. A narrative that’s no longer confined to the pedestrian pace of a leisurely stroll or the passive remove of a taxi cab. Meet the Splach M8, a piece of machinery designed not just to move you, but also to empower you in more ways than one.

Imagine propelling down the asphalt on 8-inch solid fat tires, secure in the knowledge that not only will you arrive on time but you'll get there riding a small beast. With a frame made from 6082-T6 aluminum-alloy, this scooter is solid, supporting up to 265 pounds of you, your backpack, or whatever you're schlepping around. No need to worry about that nasty bump on your route; its dual dust-proof suspension has got you covered, absorbing the shocks of an uneven terrain. The Splach M8 doesn't just get you from point A to B; it does it with flair, ensuring you experience the ride, not just endure it.

But speed, you ask? Well, we're talking about a dual-motor electric scooter that surges to its top speed of 28 mph in under six seconds. And the beauty of it is, whether you’re cruising or climbing, it adapts. It’s agile enough to tackle steep inclines — up to 40% grade — and versatile enough to offer six different ride modes. No hill is too steep, no commute too burdensome. Whether it's darting through the city or ascending hills on a weekend getaway, this scooter bends the urban landscape to its will.

Yet the Splach M8 isn't just a ticket to the fast lane; it’s a portable power station. Your journey need not be interrupted by a low-battery alert on your phone, or your laptop deciding to take a nap just when you’re hitting your creative stride. The removable 748.8-Wh deck battery has the capacity to charge your devices multiple times. We’re talking about recharging a laptop up to 11 times, keeping your gaming or work sessions going without a hitch. And the cherry on top? The scooter's battery has two charging ports, ensuring you’re back on the move in as little as four hours.

If you're the type who needs to stay connected or powered up during an adventure, there's an optional extra to consider — a DC-to-USB converter with full-size USB ports and a USB-C port. With this, you transform the Mukuta into a true mobile power station, as versatile in function as it is in form.

The design incorporates some neat touches for the nocturnal among us or those who simply find themselves riding past dusk. LED lights, including turn signals and ambient side strips, make you visible and light your path, letting you safely navigate those late-night jaunts. Safety and security also take center stage with features like dual disc brakes, an electronic horn, and even a secret compartment for an Apple AirTag. A simple swipe of a key card fires up the engine, keeping your ride secure from the prying eyes of scooter envy.

Splach has clearly thought about the subtleties, the little things that turn a ride into an experience. Like the aerospace-inspired control panel that doesn’t just show information but enhances the tactile feel of the ride. Or the well-rounded lighting that not just illuminates but also accentuates, giving you a layer of aesthetic pleasure as you traverse the lanes and byways. The devil’s in the details, and Splach has managed to make those details heavenly.

So, are you itching for freedom and convenience rolled into one electrifying package? For a starting price of $999 on Indiegogo, it can be yours. Sure, it's a piece of machinery, but it's more than that. It's a companion, a workhorse, a power bank, and most importantly, a liberator. Go on, carve your path. Make the city your playground.


  1. Versatility in Movement: With a top speed of 28 mph and the ability to tackle 40% grade inclines, the Splach M8 offers unparalleled mobility for both city commuting and off-road adventures.
  2. Robust Construction: Built with 6082-T6 aluminum-alloy frame, the scooter can handle a maximum load of 265 pounds, making it durable for everyday use.
  3. Multi-Functional Battery: The removable 748.8-Wh battery not only powers the scooter but can also act as a portable charging station for your devices. It even has dual charging ports for quicker recharging.
  4. Ride Comfort: Features like adjustable dual suspension, 8-inch solid fat tires, and a spacious deck make for a smooth and comfortable ride on varied terrains.
  5. Safety Features: Equipped with dual disc brakes, LED lighting, electronic horn, and even a secret compartment for an Apple AirTag, the scooter puts a premium on rider safety.
  6. Multiple Ride Modes: With six different ride modes, the scooter can adapt to various needs and preferences, making it customizable for individual riders.
  7. Portability: Easy to fold down for storage and carrying, the Splach M8 offers a high level of convenience for urban dwellers with limited space.


  1. Optional Extras: Essential features like the DC-to-USB converter for device charging are not included in the basic package, adding to the overall cost.
  2. Battery Removal: While the battery's removable feature is a pro, it could also be a con if not securely attached, potentially risking detachment during a ride.
  3. Weight: With a robust frame and battery, the scooter may be on the heavier side, making it less ideal for those who may need to carry it frequently.
  4. Cost: Starting at $999, the scooter might be considered pricey, especially if you opt for additional features which are sold separately.
  5. Indiegogo Funding: As the product is still in the crowdfunding stage, there’s always the risk associated with backing a product that hasn’t yet hit the market.
  6. Charging Time: Even though it offers dual charging ports, a four-hour charge time might still be too long for some users who are constantly on the go.
  7. Limited Information: As of now, there’s limited real-world data on performance and durability, which could be a concern for potential buyers.

So, whether you view the Splach M8 as a mobile revolution on wheels or a fancy toy with a hefty price tag depends on your needs, your appetite for risk, and, of course, your pocketbook. It promises a lot, but like all things, the real test will be in the living.

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