ROC ALD09: A New Angle on Teardrop Trailers

Futuristic Eco-Camping

Exploring the world in a way that's as unique as your journey, that's what the ROC ALD09 brings to the table. Picture a teardrop trailer, but not your typical one. This one's shaped more like a piece of modern art, with angles and curves that defy the standard. It’s like the rebellious child of RV design, breaking away from the usual curves to bring you something that looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie.

The ALD09, crafted with yacht-building techniques, brings an elegance and robustness that’s rare in trailers. It’s made of lightweight composites, making it friendly for electric vehicles and small gas cars alike. This is crucial in today’s world, where being eco-conscious is not just a trend, but a necessity.

The design isn’t just for show. It's practical too. For instance, the sloped roof is cleverly designed to carry extra cargo or a rooftop tent. And despite its unique shape, it stands tall at six feet, including the roof rack. It’s like they’ve thought of everything to make your outdoor adventure as comfortable as possible.

Inside, the ALD09 is surprisingly spacious, equipped with a near-queen mattress and convertible shelving that doubles as a bunk bed. The galley, though compact, is efficiently laid out with stainless steel countertops, offering just what you need to whip up a memorable meal under the stars.

Towing this trailer is a breeze, thanks to its light build. It's perfectly aligned with the growing trend of hitch-equipped electric and hybrid vehicles. And with options like a fridge, dual-burner stove, and a water tank, you're looking at the possibility of turning this trailer into a micro-home that you can take anywhere.

ROC's ALD09 is not just about the aesthetics or functionality; it’s about making a statement. It says that you're not just out there to camp; you're out there to make an impression. The standard features like LED lighting, electric brake hubs, and off-road tires only add to its allure.

In essence, the ALD09 is for those who dare to be different. It’s for the adventurers who aren’t just satisfied with going off the beaten path – they want to do it in style. At a starting price of $16,999, it’s an investment in a lifestyle, a statement piece that says as much about you as it does about the adventures you choose to embark on.


  1. Innovative Design: Its unique angular shape and modern aesthetic make it stand out from typical RV designs.
  2. Lightweight Construction: The use of composite materials makes it suitable for towing with electric vehicles and smaller cars.
  3. High Clearance: With 20 inches of ground clearance, it is well-suited for off-road conditions.
  4. Customizable: A long list of options allows for personalization and upgrades to fit various needs.
  5. Efficient Use of Space: Features like a convertible shelving to bunk bed and a compact, yet functional galley maximize the interior space.
  6. Durability: Inspired by yacht construction, the materials used are durable and meant to withstand harsh environments.


  1. Price Point: Starting at $16,999, it may be considered expensive for a teardrop trailer.
  2. Compact Galley: The galley may feel cramped for some, especially with the flip-open tailgate design.
  3. Distinctive Look: The unconventional design might not appeal to traditionalists or those preferring a more classic RV look.
  4. Limited Standard Features: While customizable, the standard model may lack some desired features which will add to the overall cost.
  5. Size: The off-kilter design could result in a feeling of being cramped, especially with the trailer’s limited width and height.
  6. New on the Market: As a newer model, there may be unforeseen issues that haven't been encountered yet due to a lack of long-term user reviews.

Starting $16,999

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