SkiSkates – an interesting alternative to ski and snowboard

Shorter than short skis

Ski Skates are combination of skis and skates. At 44 cm, they're shorter than short skis and can be used with either snowboard boots or ski boots depending on the model. 


Before Skiskates, there was SnowFeet. Made by the same company (called Snowfeet), Ski Skates are about the bringing the “joy of skating to the snow” as written on their Indiegogo campaign. For SnowFeet, on its Kickstarter Campaign it “brings the thrill of skating to the slopes”.


Basically SnowFeet and SkiSkates are basically the same thing. SnowFeet was the original and SkiSkates the new and improved version. Both for skating on snow.


SkiSkates are easier to learn than skiing according to many users. Many also claim that it's easier than ice skating. It's also easier to make sharp turns with SkiSkates and easier to control compared to skiing.


One important thing about SkiSkates is that they only work on groomed snow. You'll have difficulty staying afloat on snow with SkiSkates or SnowFeet because there's a lot of surface area to support your weight. 


According to SnowFeet, most ski resorts allow “short skis” on their slopes but not all of them. SkiSkates use the same metal ski edge as other skis, which is a common requirement of ski resorts.

Comparing ski lengths

The difference between SkiSkates and SnowFeet

  • Skiskates are faster than SnowFeet
  • There's a version of the SnowFeet that can fit just about any winter boots
  • SkiSkates are designed for either snowboard boots or ski boots – there's no guarantee that a normal winter boot will fit
  • Heel braking from SnowFeet is now absent on SkiSkates
  • SkiSkates have a different bottom surface to SnowFeet


  • Easy to learn
  • Better control compared to skis
  • Fits in a backpack
  • A lot of fun


  • Expensive
  • Not for thick powder
  • Not all resorts allow the use of short skis


SkiSkates are so small they likely fit in your day pack. They make a great backup to your snowboard or skis on a ski resort. However, not all ski resorts allow the use of “short skis”. Be sure to ask your ski resort. 

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