Skinners – Socks for shoes

skinners barefoot shoes

Great for Gym,Travel and more

Skinners are socks made of natural and artificial fibers with an asphalt-like sole that looks like course sandpaper. They pack like socks, worn like socks, but tough as shoes.

Since these moisture-wicking sock-like shoes are easy to pack, you can always have shoes for going to the gym after work without having to take the gym bag. They take very little space you can even put them in your pocket.

If you travel by plane, Skinners may be the ideal footwear because they're very comfortable and warm, but not too hot like shoes sometimes. There's no need to take off your shoes for sleeping on the plane and then putting them back on to go to the toilet.

For the barefoot runner, using Skinners will give you some protection for your feet from sharp objects. You'll still feel every bump on the ground but it'll also cut your risk of infection. When it's hot outside, it keeps your feet from burning and wearing them in the cold is a bit more bearable than going barefoot.

The 2mm thin soles can last hundreds of miles depending on usage.

Skinners are also a great option for use in waterparks or for doing water sports. It won't weigh you down, gives you traction on slippery rocks, and protects your feet from sharp corals.

“Socks aren't enough and shoes are too much? Skinners can replace both!”

– Skinners ad (as seen on Facebook) –

What's not so great about Skinners?

Here's a list of problems with Skinners as reported by users:

  • Skinners pick up dirt than normal shoes
  • They can slide out of place when used in sled pushing in the gym
  • People who live in cold climates tend to use them less than those who live in tropical climates
  • They don't breathe well
  • They tend to pick up dirt more than other shoes
  • They may be broken-glass-proof but it can still hurt when you step on sharp objects especially if you have sensitive feet
  • May look ridiculous in public because it looks like you're not wearing shoes


  • Minimal footwear may strengthen your feet
  • Ultra portable
  • Durable
  • Great as an extra shoe in case of emergencies
  • Great for plane rides


  • Expensive
  • May look ridiculous in public
  • Does not totally replace shoes


It feels really good to walk around in Skinners. They're great for the gym and for getting on flights. They don't replace shoes entirely but it is possible that one would use them more than shoes especially in warmer climates.

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