Knotty Roller – All-in-one Foam Roller

6 muscle recovery tools in one

The Knotty Roller foam roller splits in half to reveal 5 other recovery tools. You get a 24" foam roller, 24" half dome, 3" massage ball, 2" bumpy ball, 18" massage stick, and a stretching band that doubles as a carrying strap.

Each one is used for different parts of the body and for a different purpose for a variation of over 200 uses.

You can use them before a workout to make the most out of it or after a workout to recover faster by boosting lymphatic drainage to flush toxins and relieve pain.

The foam roller is held together by a strong magnet (35lb rating) so you keep everything together without fear of losing them. It beats carrying 6 different tools individually.

Eva Foam Roller
smooth massage ball
2" bumpy massage ball
nylon stretcher

What if you bought each too individually

If you bought each tool, together it would cost more than $150. If you go to Kickstarter at the time of writing, you can get the Knotty Roller at $99.

Not only is it cheaper, you'll have less to carry.

If everything goes well, the Knotty Roller is likely to retail for $150, at least according to its Kickstarter page.

For less than $99 however, you can get a knockoff Hypervolt at AliExpress.


  • 6-in-1
  • Portable
  • Less expensive than individual tools from other brands combined
  • All you need to boost lymphatic drainage


  • Bigger than percussion massager
  • More expensive than percussion massager at AliExpress
  • Kickstarter project


Foam rolling is a cheap way to boost recovery from a workout. But a percussion massager has been described as a miracle for recovery. Even more than a foam roller.

At the price of $99, you can buy a cheap percussion massager with a touch screen at AliExpress. But they don't last as long as foam rollers do, which is basically more than a lifetime, probably. Because they're not likely to break, foam rollers are more reliable and the Knotty Roller gives you all you need.

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