Shoei Neotec 3: The Ultimate Helmet for Passionate Riders

Advanced, Comfortable, Safe, Stylish, Integrated

From the bustling streets of Saigon to the winding roads of the Amalfi Coast, a helmet isn't just about protection, it's also about the experience. And this one, the Shoei Neotec 3, seems to understand the heartbeat of every journey.

The Neotec 3 is more than just another helmet in the market; it's a statement. A symbol of one's love for the road, be it long-distance touring through forgotten landscapes, sport riding that thrills your very soul, or just that meditative commute through the city. In its sleek design, it carries an allure, a promise of stories waiting to be written.

Its features are, quite simply, an embodiment of ingenuity. I'm particularly impressed by the CNS-3C visor. That central lock system, ensuring minimum deflection, is an absolute game-changer, making opening and closing seamless. The inclusion of a Pinlock system is a lifesaver, guaranteeing fog-free vision no matter the conditions.

But what truly captures my heart is the meticulous attention to comfort. Shoei has pushed the envelope with redesigned cheek pads that not only reduce noise but also enhance comfort. The ability to customise with different thicknesses offers a nod to individual preference, ensuring that this helmet becomes an extension of oneself.

Aerodynamically, it’s a work of art. The advanced features reduce noise and enhance riding comfort, and that built-in spoiler? A masterstroke in ensuring stability even when you're pushing the boundaries. Plus, the ventilation system, perfected in Shoei's own wind tunnel, promises a sublime experience, be it the hot dry deserts or cold mountainous terrains.

In today's world, staying connected is vital. The seamless integration with the new Sena SRL 3 Mesh system is, in my opinion, a symphony of tech and style. It not only allows you to remain connected with fellow riders but also ensures that the aesthetics of the helmet aren't compromised.

Of course, no journey should compromise on safety. The Neotec 3 doesn’t. The EC22.06 certification is a testament to that. Add to it the advanced AIM shell construction, and you've got a fortress for your head. The dual homologation and the state-of-the-art impact management system underscore its commitment to safety.

The price tag of £589.99, considering all its features, resonates with value. It’s an investment in unmatched experiences and stories that linger long after the journey ends.

So, if you're someone who sees the world from behind a visor, who feels the hum of the road beneath, who cherishes every mile as a memory, the Shoei Neotec 3 might just be your next companion. Here’s to many adventures together.


  1. Versatility: Suitable for a variety of riding styles, from long-distance touring to city commuting.
  2. Safety Standards: Boasts EC22.06 certification, ensuring it meets high safety requirements.
  3. Enhanced Vision: The CNS-3C visor with a central lock system minimises deflection, and the included Pinlock system guarantees fog-free visibility.
  4. Optimized Aerodynamics: Improved riding comfort, noise reduction, and a built-in spoiler contribute to better stability.
  5. Innovative Ventilation: A new multi-positional system refined through rigorous testing in Shoei's wind tunnel.
  6. Customizable Comfort: Removable lining and varying thicknesses for cheek and centre pads provide a tailored fit.
  7. Seamless Communication: Integrated design allows for smooth syncing with the Sena SRL 3 Mesh system.
  8. Uncompromised Safety Features: Dual homologation, advanced AIM shell construction, and efficient impact management enhance protection.
  9. Stylish Design: Seamless integration of components adds aesthetic appeal.


  1. Price: At £589.99, it's a significant investment and might not be accessible to all riders.
  2. Potential Complexity: The multitude of features and customisations might be overwhelming for some users.
  3. Weight: Advanced features and integrated systems might add to the helmet's weight, which may not be suitable for everyone.
  4. Size Availability: Depending on the market, certain sizes or customisations might be limited in availability.
  5. Maintenance: With multiple features and systems, upkeep might be more demanding compared to simpler helmets.

From £589.99

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