ShoeBlast keeps your shoes stink-free

Sterilizes and dries

ShoeBlast keeps your shoes stink-free by using UV-C light to kill bacteria and fungus or whatever it is that causes your shoes to stink. It also dries your shoes by blasting hot air into it so it won't become a breeding ground for stinking micro-organisms.

The use of UV light for sterilization in shoes is not new though. Another product, the SteriShoe, claims that it can also kill 99.9% of germs in your shoe using UV light. Reviews for the SteriShoe on Amazon are more or less mixed with some complaints about the reliability of the bulbs, which seem to break often.

The ShoeBlast is a lot smaller than the SteriShoe though and easy to take with you when you travel. It can be used wirelessly or wired while it is charging. It takes 3 hours 30 minutes with a 2A current to charge.

The device can also detect moisture, which is used for auto mode to determine how long it will work on your shoe. You can set it up manually to work on your shoes for up to 3 hours but you need to keep it plugged in if you intend to do so as the battery can only last up 60 minutes. It heats up the shoe up to 50ºC as well, which could be nice in winter.

ShoeBlast was successfully funded on  Kickstarter in June of 2019 and seem to be successfully shipped to backers.

Does it work?

It's best not to set your expectations too high with the ShoeBlast. It does help reduce the smell of stinky shoes but it won't completely eliminate it.

Check out the video below of a BBC corespondent testing the ShoeBlast at CES 2020.


  • Sterilizes your shoes
  • Reduce smells
  • Portable
  • Can be used wirelessly or while plugged in


  • Does not completely eliminate smells
  • Unproven reliability


Would you spend about $139 on something that sterilizes your shoes, dries it, and reduces unwanted odors? It's not a bad buy if it can last for more than a few uses. The ShoeBlast comes with a 1-year warranty though but we're not sure how easy it is to get a replacement or refund if things go wrong. It's probably a great device for preventing stinky shoes. Just don't expect it turn a stinky shoes to smelling like roses.

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