Livall BH51M Neo Smart Helmet has turn signals, automatic brake lights and more

Safety features

One obvious safety feature of the Livall smart helmet is the lights. There are front lights and the ones at the back go 270º around the helmet so you can be seen in all directions. They also act as brake lights and become brighter when the built-in sensor detects a significant deceleration. 

You can activate the turn signals via handlebar remote control so road users know when you make a turn. Also on the remote is a red button that when pressed for 5 seconds will alert your emergency contacts with your GPS location.

However, if you happen to be in an accident there's no need to press the button. The helmet can detect falls and will automatically send your GPS location to your emergency contacts.

The BH51M is also equipped with bluetooth, speakers, and a microphone. When connected to your phone, you can use it to take calls and still have your hands free. When riding in a group, you can use the Walkie-Talkie function to communicate with fellow cyclists. And when using navigation maps on your phone, you can listen to the navigation voice and find your way without even looking at your phone.

The Livall smart helmet is EN1078 and CPSC 1203 certified. It is safe to use for cycling, skating, hoverboarking, and e-biking.

There's a Neo and non-Neo version

The Neo version of the BH51M helmet is similar to the non-Neo version. The difference is the absence of lights on the front of the helmet on the non-Neo version.

Not having lights on the front side of the helmet may not be a big deal for some cyclist. It makes the helmet lighter by 10 grams compared to the Neo. But more lights means more visibility and therefore more safety. 

Non-Neo version (without headlights)


  • Handy turn signals
  • Distress button
  • Fall detection
  • Has highly requested highlights
  • Walkie-talkie


  • Remote battery has to be replaced instead of recharged
  • Blinking mode not blinking fast enough
  • Quite heavy for a bicycle helmet


Having turn signals on a helmet can be useful and might even save your life. The older version didn't have headlights and is cheaper and lighter.

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