Seiko SJE093J1: A Perfect Dive Into 1965’s Horological Excellence

Vintage-inspired, modern, exclusive, dive watch

Ah, time. Such an elusive companion in life's journey, wouldn't you agree? I've been entranced by this magnificent example of horology, the Seiko SJE093J1 Dive Watch, a near-perfect reissue of the 62MAS from 1965. It's as if time stood still for just a moment, allowing us to recapture the essence of that era.

I must admit, there's something special about this iteration, a pleasing sense of restraint perhaps. Unlike its predecessors, which have swelled in size over the years, the SJE093 has stayed true to the original 38mm diameter, boasting an even slimmer profile at 13mm. It's a testament to the brand's commitment to authenticity, and I can't help but respect that.

Under the hood, there's a neat little package – the in-house caliber 6L37 automatic movement with a generous 45 hours of power reserve. It's a hardy mechanism, capable of standing up to life's more adventurous moments, yet surprisingly elegant.

The aesthetics are just as delightful. The stainless steel case is tastefully adorned with the same dolphin embossing as the original and the '60s-era Tropic-style silicone strap – ah, it's a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Then there's the bezel design and font on the dial, a nod to the past yet updated to appeal to modern sensibilities.

However, don't mistake this for mere reproduction. Seiko has been careful to introduce a few subtle improvements. The depth rating now stretches to 200m, ensuring it can stand up to deeper dives and more rigorous adventures. Also, the lume on the hands and indices has been updated to Seiko's LumiBrite for increased visibility, a critical element for those who love to push the boundaries of the day into the twilight hours.

In true vintage fashion, this reissue arrives in a '60s era box, like a time capsule from a bygone era. But remember, this nostalgia isn't cheap. Priced at around $4,017, it's a considerable investment, but isn't it the memories that make life worth living?

In the end, the Seiko SJE093J1 is more than just a watch. It's a trip back to 1965, a reminder of the spirit of that time. It's a limited edition piece of history for your wrist, ensuring that wherever your adventures take you, you'll always carry a piece of the past with you.


  1. Authentic Recreation: The Seiko SJE093J1 is a near-exact replica of the original 62MAS from 1965, making it an appealing choice for vintage watch enthusiasts and Seiko aficionados.
  2. Quality Movement: It boasts Seiko's in-house caliber 6L37 automatic movement, which is reliable and offers a respectable 45-hour power reserve.
  3. Upgraded Features: Despite its vintage charm, the SJE093J1 comes with modern features such as the improved water resistance of up to 200m and Seiko’s LumiBrite luminescent coating for better visibility.
  4. Limited Edition: This model is a limited edition of 1,965 pieces, which adds a certain exclusivity and could potentially increase its value over time.
  5. Aesthetically Pleasing: The watch’s aesthetic is visually appealing, with a stainless steel case, dolphin embossing on the case back, and a Tropic-style silicone strap.


  1. Price: At around $4,017, the watch is a significant investment and may not be within everyone's budget.
  2. Size: At 38mm, it may be considered small for those who prefer larger, more contemporary watch sizes.
  3. Limited Availability: As a limited-edition piece, it may be difficult to acquire, particularly if you don’t act quickly upon its release.
  4. Lack of Modern Features: Although it boasts some modern upgrades, it lacks other features found in many contemporary dive watches, like a helium escape valve or a ceramic bezel.
  5. Durability of the Strap: The vintage Tropic-style silicone strap, while stylish and true to the original, might not be as durable or comfortable as some modern alternatives.


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