Biki Underwater Fish Drone

Combining the maneuverability of a fish and 4K video capture, the Biki Underwater Drone makes your underwater activities a bit more interesting.

You can take it fishing to see where the fishes are. Or take it diving to explore where you can’t go. You can even use it as a toy in the pool or as a tool to monitor your kids swimming.

The Biki can be controlled via smartphone or remote. You can control it underwater with the remote. It can also follow pre-set routes  and avoid obstacles thanks to its GPS and sensors combined with some clever code.

The maximum depth this robot fish can go to is 196 feet with a battery that can last up to 2 hours.

Don’t worry if you run out of juice; Biki will simply go to the surface and swim to base when it’s running low on battery.

Biki Kickstarter campaign.

Biki Indiegogo campaign

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