SCORKL 2.0 – Electric: Dive Into Underwater Freedom!

Electric portable underwater diving freedom

A freedom I never knew I wanted, but now, as if by electric magic, it's here, within reach. I'm talking about SCORKL 2.0, a remarkable achievement from down under in Melbourne. The sense of adventure in the water has just been taken to a new horizon, and it's a vista I never expected to see.

The original SCORKL technology, a James Bond-esque marvel, made waves around the globe, but this latest evolution, the electric version, is something else. This is not just about adventure or novelty; it's about liberation. Breathing underwater at the mere touch of a button – how poetic and extraordinary!

The SCORKL Electric Compressor and Battery Pack come together to enable effortless refills of this portable underwater breathing apparatus. Forget the heavy, cumbersome traditional air compressors; the SCORKL Electric Compressor is lightweight, portable, and inexpensive. Whether it's powered from a wall, boat, or car battery, this system is designed to be taken on any aquatic escapade.

Now, if you're someone who yearns to venture completely off the grid, the SCORKL Battery Pack is your ticket. Utilizing everyday 18V power tool batteries from familiar brands, it's a piece of art in utility. An LED light and USB Ports to charge mobile devices – this is not just a tool; it's a companion for your underwater explorations.

David Hallamore, the creator and founder of SCORKL, is driven by passion for the water, something I can deeply relate to. His love for the aquatic world and the desire to make this incredible experience accessible to everyone is resonating. Whether it's for practical uses like unfouling a propeller or indulging in underwater marvels, SCORKL is now offering an unprecedented freedom.

What captivates me is not just the technology or the device itself, but the philosophy behind it. It's about embracing the unknown, plunging into the depths, and making the extraordinary an everyday experience. It's not merely a product; it's an invitation to an underwater world.

Available through Kickstarter at early-bird prices, this Melbourne-made wonder seems like something out of a dream. If water is your element, or if you just want to embrace a new form of freedom, SCORKL 2.0 – Electric might be the way to go.

In a world that often feels confined and predictable, SCORKL is a breath of fresh ocean air, a reminder that wonders still await, just a dive away. The indescribable freedom of breathing underwater is no longer a fantasy. It's here, and it's electric.


  1. Portability: Unlike traditional SCUBA air compressors which are heavy and cumbersome, SCORKL Electric Compressor is lightweight, allowing users to carry it effortlessly on any adventure.
  2. Ease of Use: The product offers automatic refills at the touch of a button, making underwater adventures more accessible even for novices.
  3. Off-Grid Capability: With the SCORKL Battery Pack, users can venture off-grid, using everyday 18V power tool batteries. This allows for flexibility in diving locations without worrying about power sources.
  4. Versatile Power Options: The SCORKL Electric Compressor can be powered from a wall socket, boat, or car battery, providing diverse ways to recharge it depending on one's location and needs.
  5. Additional Functionalities: The SCORKL Battery Pack boasts features like an LED light and USB Ports, turning it into a multi-functional device useful for more than just diving.
  6. Accessibility: Designed for everyone, it does not require any SCUBA certification or intensive training, breaking barriers for those hesitant about diving due to complexities.
  7. Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional SCUBA compressors, it is pitched as an inexpensive option, potentially reducing the costs associated with diving.
  8. Safety & Quality: The SCORKL device is CE Certified, indicating it meets international SCUBA performance and manufacturing quality standards.


  1. Dependency on Power: Though it offers various power sources, it still requires electricity for refills, which might not always be handy in remote locations.
  2. Limited Dive Duration: The SCORKL allows for up to ten minutes underwater, which might be insufficient for more experienced divers or longer underwater explorations.
  3. Kickstarter Purchase: As it's available on Kickstarter, there could be potential risks associated with backing crowdfunded projects, such as delays in delivery or discrepancies in final product versus what's advertised.
  4. Battery Compatibility: While the battery pack uses common power tool batteries, users would need to ensure they have compatible brands (Milwaukee, Makita, DeWalt, and Bosch).
  5. Potential Safety Concerns: As with all SCUBA-related equipment, there could be safety risks if not used correctly. Proper orientation and understanding of the device are crucial.
  6. Durability & Longevity Concerns: The durability of the product in harsh marine environments or after prolonged use remains to be seen.
  7. Potential Market Limitation: The product might not appeal to professional divers or those looking for extended dive times, narrowing its target audience.
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