Salomon Elixir Mid GTX: Premium Long-Distance Comfort & Smooth Stride for the Adventurous Hiker

Adventurous, Comfortable, Durable, Waterproof, Supportive

Sometimes the journey is the destination, isn't it? So why let inadequate footwear get in the way of those wanderlust-fueled treks across the globe's most picturesque terrains? If you're as passionate about the mountains as I am about uncovering the world's unknown pockets, then you'd appreciate the Elixir Mid GTX from Salomon.

This isn't just a shoe; it's an invitation to explore the road less traveled. No distance is too great, no terrain too formidable. A product of high-end design and an ally for your adventurous spirit, the Elixir Mid GTX is committed to carry you as far as your feet can wander, as comfortably as a hiking boot can.

The magic lies in its perfect balance of rugged resilience and plush comfort. Crafted with an Active Chassis™, it grants an unprecedented level of stability. Be it a rocky patch or a slippery slope, the Elixir assures your strides are as confident as they are comfortable.

The secret? A sophisticated SensiFit™ system that perfectly enwraps your foot, delivering a feeling of unity with your shoe. This unique feature provides a connection that feels almost symbiotic, giving you the confidence to step forward, no matter the uncertainty ahead.

Elixir's aggressively studded Contagrip® sole is the definition of a firm grip. It's an ideal companion for tricky, wet terrains, and with the addition of a waterproof GORE-TEX membrane, even the wettest conditions seem trivial. Your feet stay dry, and your spirit un-dampened.

But the Elixir doesn't stop at mere comfort and adaptability. It brings an element of protection to the table with a rubber toe cap and heel protector. These integrated safeguards ensure that your journey is as safe as it is adventurous.

The comfort is taken up another notch with an EVA Energy Foam midsole coupled with a ReverseCamber sole geometry. This combo makes for smooth transitions, a fluid stride, and premium cushioning. You feel the earth beneath your feet, the impacts absorbed, making every step an experience rather than a challenge.

Packing 474 grams of unyielding resilience, the Elixir is no featherweight. Its sturdy construction, topped with a mid-cut height of 140 mm, is a testament to its durability. The exterior boasts a blend of leather and textile, marrying practicality with a touch of style. Even the lacing system is designed with regular ties for that old-school charm that never really goes out of style.

But what makes the Elixir stand out from the crowd? Its pledge to offer wearability over long distances, to remain comfortable yet durable. A shoe that doesn't just carry you across landscapes, but also immerses you in the journey. This is more than just a boot—it's a testament to the spirit of exploration and the joy of discovery.

With the Salomon Elixir Mid GTX, you don't just hike; you connect with the wilderness. So, go ahead, take that first step and let the Elixir be your trusted companion through your next mountain escapade.


  1. Long-Distance Comfort: The Energy Foam midsole provides premium cushioning, and the padded tongue and collar offer a plush, foot-hugging hold. Perfect for those long hikes where every bit of comfort matters.
  2. Smooth Stride: Thanks to its Reverse Camber sole geometry, the shoe ensures smooth transitions and a softer stride. The 5mm lugs on the sole also aid in providing better ground filter for increased comfort.
  3. Lateral Support: The integration of Active Chassis for guidance and Sensifit™M system guarantees precise and secure footing, even on rocky terrains. This design offers an impressive combination of balance and support.
  4. Robust Construction: The shoe's quality is apparent from its weight (474g) and height (140mm). This is a shoe built to withstand challenging outdoor conditions.
  5. Waterproof: The incorporation of a GORE-TEX membrane makes the shoe resistant to wet conditions, ensuring your feet stay dry no matter the weather.
  6. Protection: The addition of a rubber toe cap and heel protector significantly enhances the safety element of this shoe, providing a shield against potential injuries.
  7. Quality Material: The shoe boasts a high-quality combination of leather and textile for the upper, providing a durable yet stylish appearance.


  1. Price: With a tag of $210, the Elixir Mid GTX is on the more expensive side compared to other hiking shoes on the market.
  2. Weight: Weighing in at 474g, the Elixir Mid GTX is not the lightest hiking boot available. Some hikers might prefer a lighter boot for longer distances or multi-day hikes.
  3. Lace System: The Elixir Mid GTX uses regular laces, which might not provide the quick and easy adjustments that speed laces or other modern lacing systems offer.
  4. Style: The style might not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer a more modern look over the traditional hiking boot design.
  5. Maintenance: Given the leather/textile composition of the upper part, maintaining these shoes could require more care than fully synthetic alternatives, particularly if you want to retain the appearance and extend the life of the shoe.


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