Rough Timba’s Tri-Pi® for Lavvu: Ultra-Lightweight Shelter Innovation for Wilderness Exploration

Compact, lightweight, versatile Lavvu companion

Weary travelers, adventurists, and those who sleep with one ear open to the lullaby of the wild – lend me your attention for a moment. The call of the outdoors demands an equipment list that holds true, and true to this call is Rough Timba's innovation: the Tri-Pi® for Lavvu.

For those unacquainted with the beauty of a Lavvu, it is the Polish cousin of a tipi, promising comfort for two amidst the elements. But like all charming family members, it comes with quirks. Its dependence on a center pole for support, while essential, can be a touch restrictive, cutting down on usable interior space.

Enter Rough Timba, a clever troupe from the UK, who've reimagined this structural challenge with the Tri-Pi®. This gem of a gadget is akin to magic in your pocket. Weighing in at a mere 46g – that's 1.6 ounces for the folks across the pond – it is a lightweight companion designed for the nomad, the bushcrafter, the itinerant wanderer.

The Tri-Pi®, true to its name, employs a triad of sturdy 1.8m-long sticks that you, the rugged outdoorsman, would source from Mother Nature's abundant supply. Simply insert the sticks into the Tri-Pi®'s slots, and voila – a Lavvu is born, absent its cumbersome center pole. Its design also lends itself beautifully to the creation of a robust shelter under a 3x3m tarp, as circumstance demands.

Crafted with an intricate honeycomb structure within, the Tri-Pi® combines the twin strengths of resilience and lightness, proving that you don't need to weigh your pack down to be prepared. And to those of us who appreciate the music of the wind through the trees, the crackling of a fire, and the melody of a bubbling kettle – the Tri-Pi® offers three central hanging points, ready to house your lantern or dangle a kettle over a modest flame.

Its environmentally-conscious heart beats in PLA+, a material birthed from corn starch and natural elements, no less. Practicality and eco-friendliness rarely walk hand in hand, but here they are, embodied in a tool just 150mm (6″) x 80mm (3″) in dimension.

So, wanderers, with the Tri-Pi® in your kit, set your sights on the horizon. Heed the call of the wild, embrace the unpredictable, and let Rough Timba's ingenious creation lend you comfort and versatility under the stars. For it is in the wilderness that we truly find ourselves.

Happy trails!


  1. Portability: Weighing just 46g (1.6 ounces), this lightweight gear won't weigh your pack down. Its compact size (150mm x 80mm) is perfect for backpacking, wild camping, and bushcraft adventures.
  2. Easy Installation: By simply finding three sticks and inserting them into the Tri-Pi® slots, you can create a Lavvu or tarp shelter with ease.
  3. Enhanced Space Utilization: Elimination of the center pole offers more usable space within the Lavvu or similar tents.
  4. Versatility: The three hanging points allow for a lantern or kettle to be suspended, making it multi-functional.
  5. Strength and Durability: The honeycomb structure ensures maximum strength without adding unnecessary weight.
  6. Eco-friendly Material: Made of PLA+ material derived from corn starch and natural elements, it's a win for the environment.


  1. Reliance on Sticks: The need to find or cut three 1.8m-long sticks could be a potential inconvenience, especially in environments where such materials may not be readily available.
  2. Potential Stability Issues: While the Tri-Pi® design enables the omission of a center pole, some users might question its stability under heavy wind or snow loads, especially compared to traditional Lavvu tents.
  3. Price: At $33.84, some users might find the Tri-Pi® expensive for what it offers, especially when compared to other basic camping gear.
  4. Limitation in Size: The Tri-Pi® is designed for a two-man shelter, which might not be sufficient for larger groups.
  5. Requires a Tarp or Lavvu: The Tri-Pi® is a supporting component and not a standalone shelter, requiring you to have a separate tarp or Lavvu for full utility.


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