Riding in Style: The Fantic Caballero 500 Rally’s Retro-Inspired Design and Performance

Versatile, stylish, adventurous, performance-focused, Italian-made

Straddling the line between the past and present, the Fantic Caballero 500 Rally is a unique piece of machinery that immediately transports you to another era. Yet, don't let its vintage aesthetics fool you. Underneath its classic exterior, this motorbike boasts the kind of modern engineering that would leave even the most discerning of riders impressed.

If you have a sense of adventure burning in your heart, this bike could be your dream come true. Just picture yourself tearing down a dirt trail, the growl of the single-cylinder, 4-valve, liquid-cooled engine humming beneath you. The engine, compliant with Euro5 emissions standards, provides a harmonious blend of performance and efficiency, on asphalt and off-road tracks alike. An updated ECU control unit ensures an even smoother engine power across all RPMs, optimizing performance in terms of maximum power and torque. The twin chrome silencers, courtesy of Italian exhaust system artisans, Arrow, add the perfect touch to the symphony of the ride.

The chassis of the Caballero Rally 500, built from Chrome-molybdenum steel central-tube frame, is lightweight but uncompromisingly robust. The off-road oriented design strikes an ideal balance between agility and comfort. With 43mm adjustable suspension and increased travel reaching 200mm at both front and rear, this bike is prepared to take you on any adventure. Those knobby Michelin Anakee Wild tyres, mounted on spoked 19″ front and 17″ rear wheels, will provide all the grip you need on a variety of terrains.

Speaking of adventure, the aesthetics of the Caballero Rally is all about embracing the wild outdoors. High front fender, aluminium swingarm, and handlebars with a crossbar, not to mention a stunning front number plate and headlamp protection grille, all contribute to the bike's distinct off-road look. Whether you opt for the army green or the new sand colour, you're sure to stand out in the crowd.

As for the safety aspect, the Rally comes equipped with a 320mm front and 230mm rear wave brake discs, along with a disengageable Continental dual-channel ABS. This ensures you have the confidence to tackle any challenging terrain with ease.

At $9,650, this Italian stallion offers impressive value for money. It may not be the cheapest ride out there, but for the sheer thrill, versatility, and the ability to both commute and rally, it's a price worth paying. From the bustling streets of Rome to the rolling dunes of the Sahara, the Fantic Caballero 500 Rally is ready to carry you wherever your spirit of adventure leads. So go on, conquer your dreams on two wheels, the world is waiting.


  1. Off-Road Capability: With its 200mm travel on both front and rear suspension, Michelin Anakee Wild knobby tyres, and a high front fender, the Fantic Caballero 500 Rally is an excellent choice for off-road riding.
  2. Performance: The single-cylinder, 4-valve, liquid-cooled engine provides an impressive power-to-weight ratio, delivering smooth power across all RPM ranges. This, combined with the updated ECU mapping, allows for excellent performance both on and off-road.
  3. Aesthetics: The vintage styling, combined with modern details, gives the Rally a unique and appealing look. The choice between army green and the new sand colour means there's something for every style preference.
  4. Safety Features: The Rally comes equipped with front and rear wave brake discs and a disengageable Continental dual-channel ABS, offering riders confidence and safety in various riding situations.
  5. Versatility: The bike's lightweight design, off-road capabilities, and impressive road performance make it a versatile choice suitable for both commuting and adventure riding.


  1. Price: Priced at $9,650, the Fantic Caballero 500 Rally isn't the most affordable option in its class, which may deter some prospective buyers.
  2. Seat Height: With a seat height of 860mm, this motorcycle might not be the most comfortable choice for shorter riders.
  3. Fuel Efficiency: The Rally's fuel consumption rate of 4.2 l/100 km isn't the most economical compared to some competitors in the segment.
  4. Limited Dealership Network: As Fantic is an Italian company, finding a dealership or service center could be challenging in certain parts of the world, potentially making maintenance and repairs more complicated.


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