REI Co-op Cycles DRT e3.1: Unleash Power-Packed Mountain Adventures!

Powerful Electric Off-Road Excellence

You’re about to embark on a two-wheeled adventure, ushered forward by the gentle hum of the Bosch Performance Line CX motor nestled within the frame of the REI Co-op Cycles DRT e3.1 Electric Mountain Bike. This Class 1 mid-drive motor, paired with a generous 625 watt-hour PowerTube battery, crafts a symphony of power and endurance, effortlessly propelling you to speeds up to 20 mph. With the world unfolding before you at this steady pace, the climbs become conquests, not challenges, and every turn in the dirt is an opportunity to feel the earth beneath you, responding to your movements with eager anticipation.

The e3.1 isn’t just a vessel of speed, but a beacon of balance and responsiveness. With the RockShox Recon Silver RL fork offering 140 mm of travel and a Deluxe Select Plus RT shock providing an additional 130 mm, every ride promises to be both balanced and trail-ready. This bicycle doesn’t just traverse the landscapes; it dances with them, moving with a grace and fluidity that makes every journey feel like a partnership between rider and ride.

But let’s not forget control, a crucial counterpart to power. Tektro’s 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes are the unsung heroes here. They respond with a precision that requires minimal hand force, allowing you to navigate the wilderness with the confidence of knowing that you can stop on a dime, should the need arise. With the SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain, the bike offers a versatile range, ready to adapt to the whispers and roars of different trails.

Riding atop tubeless-ready tires and rims, the e3.1 takes tire pressure seriously, optimizing it for peak performance while minimizing the risk of flats. And whether you’re a lightweight adventurer or carrying a heavy load, this bike is ready to support up to 300 lbs of weight, making it a reliable companion for riders and cargo alike.

Yet, there’s an unspeakable joy in knowing that the purchase of this electric marvel comes with a year of free adjustments, ensuring that your bicycle remains in prime condition long after it has left the store. And if you're an REI Co-op Member, the deal is even sweeter with an additional year of adjustments, free flat tire repairs, and a generous 20% off on shop services.

Designed for the pursuit of mountain biking, the e3.1 boasts an aluminum frame, making it a lightweight yet sturdy companion on your escapades. The removable battery allows for easy charging, and with the full suspension, every ride promises to be as smooth as it is exhilarating. From the riser bar handlebar to the Wellgo Alloy Platform pedals, every component of this bike is a testament to meticulous design and a promise of quality.

At the heart of it all, the e3.1 is more than just an assemblage of parts. It is a ticket to adventure, a call to explore the world with the wind in your hair and the earth beneath your tires, responding to every twist, turn, and jump with a readiness that makes every journey not just a ride, but an experience. For $4,999, the call of the wild has never sounded so inviting, and the promise of adventure has never been so electrifying.


  1. Powerful Motor: Equipped with a Bosch Performance Line CX motor, providing robust power for climbing and acceleration.
  2. Long-Range Battery: A 625 watt-hour battery ensures extended ride times between charges.
  3. Responsive Suspension: Featuring RockShox Recon Silver RL fork and Deluxe Select Plus RT shock, the bike offers balanced and trail-ready rides.
  4. Precision Braking: Tektro 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes offer precise stopping with minimal effort.
  5. Versatile Drivetrain: The SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain caters to varied terrains and riding styles.
  6. Tubeless-Ready Tires: These reduce the risk of flats and allow for optimized tire pressure.
  7. Generous Weight Limit: With a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, it accommodates a wide range of riders and cargo.
  8. Member Benefits: REI Co-op members enjoy additional perks like extra free adjustments, flat tire repairs, and discounts on shop services.
  9. Aluminum Frame: Durable yet lightweight, facilitating easier handling and maneuvering.
  10. Support and Adjustments: One year of free adjustments (two for members) ensures the bike stays in peak condition.


  1. Premium Price: Retailing at $4,999, it's a significant investment.
  2. Heavier Weight: At 55 pounds, the bike might be challenging for some riders to transport without assistance.
  3. Learning Curve: The advanced features and technology may require time for beginners to master.
  4. Limited Speed for E-Bike: With a top assisted speed of 20 mph, some riders might want more speed from an electric bike.
  5. Maintenance: While it comes with free adjustments, eventual wear and tear might necessitate expert maintenance, incurring additional costs.
  6. Size Variation: While the wheel sizes vary depending on the frame size chosen, some riders might prefer different wheel-size options for each frame size.


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