Guard X by LightBug: Illuminate & Secure Your Night Adventures with Tech-Forward Bike Light!

Bright, Secure, Customizable Bike Light

In a world overflowing with the ephemeral glow of ever-advancing technology, the Guard X bike light dares to carve a singular, memorable identity, illuminating the nocturnal tapestry with its remarkable brilliance and intelligence.

Crafted with meticulous precision by British electronics virtuoso, LightBug, Guard X is not merely a beacon in the night. It is a sentinel, a vigilant companion on your odyssey through the concrete jungle, encapsulating the spirit of relentless innovation and functional aestheticism. With its armor of anodized 5051 aluminum shell and polycarbonate lenses, this device cradles twelve LEDs divided into quadrants, a symphony of light designed to pierce through the velvety darkness, casting a formidable 4,000 lumens at its zenith.

The grandeur of Guard X is not confined to its luminosity; its palette is a carnival of colors, configurable through a digital canvas provided by an iOS/Android application. This chromatic flexibility allows it to morph into a tail light with the flick of a virtual switch, embracing the rear of your bicycle with a glow that oscillates between the subtle and the intense.

But Guard X is not simply a silent, passive observer. It interacts, perceives, and responds. The oncoming vehicular ballet at night is carefully acknowledged with an automatic dip in its beam, a courteous nod ensuring that the dance of light and shadow on the asphalt remains harmonious and nonintrusive.

There's an inherent rhythm in its functionality, a choreography of modes and configurations that the user can direct, crafting a personalized tapestry of light that ranges from pulsating warnings to steady beams, with battery life swaying between 39 minutes to a marathon of 51 hours based on your chosen luminous narrative.

Yet, beneath its sleek exterior, Guard X harbors a relentless guardian spirit. Attached securely with an internal sliding steel plate, it employs an alarm as sharp and startling as a battle cry, reaching a crescendo at 100 decibels if a malevolent actor dares to disrupt your steed's repose. And should the unthinkable occur, should your bike vanish into the urban abyss, the Guard X doesn't merely mourn; it informs and tracks, sending you textual condolences and keeping a digital eye on the coordinates of your lost companion.

At £269 (or $326), obtaining this paragon of bicycle illumination is not a trivial investment, but consider it a pledge, a commitment to a device that promises to be more than just a light, but rather an ally in your nocturnal navigations. For those who crave luminescence without the additional might, a lighter variant, the Guard Aura beckons at £199 ($241), offering a respectable 480 lumens.

As the sun sets, casting long shadows over the cityscape, and the twilight gradually succumbs to the night, the Guard X stands ready, not just as a product but as a statement, a testament to the confluence of technology, design, and the indomitable spirit of the urban cyclist.


  1. High Brightness: With up to 4,000 lumens, the Guard X provides significant visibility in low-light conditions.
  2. Color Variability: The RGB LEDs can change colors, allowing for customization and added functionality as a tail light.
  3. Intelligent Sensing: Integrated light sensor automatically adjusts the beam in response to oncoming traffic, preventing glare to drivers.
  4. Anti-Theft Features:
    • An internal locking mechanism secures it to the handlebar, making removal without the app difficult.
    • A motion-activated alarm and notification system deters theft and alerts the owner.
  5. GPS Tracking: In case of theft, the bike light’s location can be tracked, providing a layer of security and peace of mind for the owner.
  6. Customizable Settings: With adjustable lumen output and various modes, users can tailor the light's function to their needs through the app.
  7. Durable Construction: Made from anodized 5051 aluminum and polycarbonate lenses, the Guard X is built for resilience and longevity.
  8. Automated Operation: The GPS and motion sensor enable automated turning on/off based on geographic location and movement.
  9. Battery Life: Depending on usage, the battery can last from 39 minutes to 51 hours, offering flexibility for different types of rides.


  1. Price Point: At £269 ($326) for the Kickstarter pledge, and a retail price of £350 ($424), the Guard X is a significant investment.
  2. Battery Life Variability: While it can last up to 51 hours at 50 lumens, the battery life dramatically shortens to 39 minutes at full brightness.
  3. App Dependence: Many of the advanced features, including theft prevention mechanisms, are dependent on the accompanying iOS/Android app, which might be inconvenient for some users.
  4. Learning Curve: With its multitude of features and settings, some users may find the device complicated or unintuitive at first.
  5. Data Plan Renewal: Though it comes with a 5-year data plan, users will need to renew it at an additional cost of £20 (about US$24) per year thereafter.
  6. Size and Weight: While not specified, the robust construction and multiple features might result in a product that is bulkier and heavier than basic bike lights.
  7. Limited Availability: As a Kickstarter project, there's always the risk of production delays, and availability might be limited initially.

From £269

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