Redefining Speed & Precision: The Schwalbe TACKY CHAN Downhill Tire

Fast, Precise, Light, Fair-trade, Downhill

In the grand theatre of downhill racing, the tire is the star that often doesn't get enough spotlight. With Schwalbe's TACKY CHAN, however, we find a leading performer that demands, and deserves, center stage.

Two years of dedication, sweat, and grind in the World Cup races – including working with DH overall World Cup winner Amaury Pierron, has resulted in the birth of the fastest downhill tire on earth. It's as if each kilometer raced, every obstacle overcome, has been meticulously infused into this tire, a testament to endurance and the pursuit of perfection.

This is a tire that has been honed for precision. A tire that delivers 10% more stable shoulder lugs compared to the Magic Mary, inviting you to embrace aggressive cornering with newfound confidence. The long braking edges say, “Hold on, let the ride last a moment longer,” allowing a later braking point and therefore, the thrill of speed unfettered.

The TACKY CHAN is not just a tire; it's a conduit of communication between you and the trail. The open shoulder area provides real-time feedback from the trail and, like a dutiful companion, it takes care of its cleanliness, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

To add to its repertoire of features, the TACKY CHAN boasts ramps on its center lugs. You'll experience rolling characteristics so seamless, it's akin to cutting through air. All this, and it still manages to tip the scales at 8% lighter than the Magic Mary – quite a feat if you ask me.

This tire is not just a piece of equipment; it's a socially responsible companion. Every TACKY CHAN is made with fair-trade rubber, reminding us that speed and ethical responsibility need not be mutually exclusive.

Now let's delve deeper. The SCHWALBE TACKY CHAN is more than just a downhill powerhouse; it's a tire that dares to venture where others shy away. Whether it's blocked stone fields, long jumps or deep drops, its Super Downhill construction provides maximum stability and powerful puncture protection, making it an ideal companion for those high-stakes enduro rides.

Its technical specifications speak volumes. Designed with the SnakeSkin side fabric, it offers increased puncture resistance. It boasts a durable ADDIX Ultra Soft compound that excels in extreme conditions, yet remains impressively versatile in colder climes.

The TACKY CHAN is not just tubeless; it's Tubeless Easy. The monofilament side fabric not only enhances cut and puncture resistance, but it makes the tubeless conversion process smoother than a well-aged bourbon. Just a bit of sealing fluid and voila, you're all set for your downhill adventure.

There's something special about a tire that not only performs but takes on the identity of its rider. The TACKY CHAN is one such tire. It invites you to tackle steep descents, encourages you to take that daring jump and challenges you to push your limits. But more importantly, it promises to be there with you every step of the way, providing the stability and control you need to embrace the thrill of the ride. This tire is not just a piece of technology; it's a testament to human resilience, to the spirit of the sport, and to the relentless pursuit of adventure.

Pros of the Schwalbe TACKY CHAN:

  1. World Cup Pedigree: This tire is developed over two years in the World Cup races, including with DH overall World Cup winner Amaury Pierron, lending it a high-performance edge.
  2. Stability: The tire has 10% more stable shoulder lugs compared to the Magic Mary, enhancing aggressive cornering and overall control.
  3. Late Braking: Long braking edges allow for a later braking point, allowing riders to maintain speed for longer.
  4. Self-Cleaning & Feedback: An open shoulder area provides direct feedback from the trail and improves the tire's self-cleaning ability, reducing maintenance efforts.
  5. Lightweight: The TACKY CHAN is 8% lighter than Magic Mary, benefiting performance without sacrificing robustness.
  6. Fair-Trade Rubber: The tire uses fair-trade rubber, reflecting a socially responsible choice by the manufacturer.
  7. Super Downhill Construction: This attribute equips the tire for rough routes, blocked stone fields, long jumps or deep drops – ideal for downhill racing and enduro riding.
  8. Tubeless Easy: Simplifies the conversion process for going tubeless, leading to enhanced performance and puncture protection.
  9. High-Quality Materials: ADDIX Ultra Soft compound, SnakeSkin side fabric, and other high-end materials promise durability and excellent performance.

Cons of the Schwalbe TACKY CHAN:

  1. Price ($88.61/€74.90): The high cost might deter some potential buyers, especially those on a budget or beginners in the sport.
  2. Soft Rubber Compound: Although it offers increased grip and smooth ride, the ADDIX Ultra Soft compound is prone to faster wear and degradation.
  3. Tubeless Setup Required: While the tire supports an easy tubeless conversion, those unfamiliar with this process may find it daunting, despite its ultimate benefits.
  4. Specific Use: Its optimization for aggressive downhill and enduro riding might limit its suitability for more casual, cross-country cyclists.
  5. Weight Variations: Manufacturer indicates that tire weights can vary due to production, which could potentially impact handling and performance consistency.

€74.90 ($88.61)

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