Nicolai Saturn 16: Aesthetics Meet Performance in this Trail-Ready Bike

Versatile, Customizable, Durable Mountain Bike

Feast your eyes on the quintessential all-rounder, the Saturn 16. From the workshop of NICOLAI, this lightweight enduro bike bestows an exceptional blend of versatility, customization potential, and excellence, ruling the NICOLAI Saturn series.

Adorned with the classical Horst-Link, four-bar rear triangle, and a vertically mounted shock, this model differentiates itself from the manufacturer’s more aggressive G-Series. Its purpose is not confined to being an enduro racing machine. Instead, it promises a broader spectrum of uses.

With an advantageous 160mm rear suspension, the Saturn 16 incorporates the more universal Geolution Trail concept, in lieu of the radical Geolution geometry observed in the G-Series. Adaptable to forks ranging from 150 to 160mm, this bike maintains a competition-level potential with a reasonably long reach of 519mm and a steering angle of 64.5°. Although more tempered in its geometry, it still offers agile handling and outstanding maneuverability for the hardy enduro trails.

By virtue of the 78.5° steep seat angle, a central seating position is achieved, allowing optimal load distribution between the front and rear wheels. The bike's impeccable performance is undeniable, whether you're climbing crisp slopes, tackling technical challenges, or plunging into hard-hitting downhill trails.

When it comes to setup and customization, the Saturn 16 offers an overwhelming plethora of choices. You can ride it with 27.5″ or 29″ wheels, or even a blend of both. The bike comes equipped with a compression strut and seatstay Mutators, permitting an adjustment of the geometry of the rear triangle. The Mutators offer you the chance to tweak the bottom bracket height and steering angle to your preference.

On the suspension front, the Saturn 16 is very flexible. While the damper installation length is fixed at 230mm, you have the liberty to choose air or steel-coil sprung dampers, with 60 or 65mm stroke and corresponding wheel travel of 148 or 158 mm respectively.

Sporting the incredibly durable 7020 T6 aluminum frame, the Saturn 16 has received the much-coveted ‘Bike Park Approval.' To offset any additional weight, NICOLAI employed topology optimization in designing the crucial components of the frame, resulting in a visually appealing and durable masterpiece of milling art.

However, the customization options aren't merely limited to setup and tuning. The Saturn 16 offers a wide selection of color, decor, and finish variants, truly allowing you to create a bike that resonates with your personality.

From S to XXXL, the Saturn 16 is available in six different frame sizes. This ensures that riders between 1.55m and 2.10m will find a frame that fits them perfectly. Further customization is possible with the Mutators, allowing adjustments to chainstay length according to the riders' preferences.

So whether you choose to buy it as a frameset or a complete bike, NICOLAI offers high-quality components from brands like FOX, EXT, INTEND, HOPE, MAGURA, TUNE, CONTINENTAL, SRAM, and LEVELNINE to create your dream ride.

The Saturn 16 truly stands as a testament to NICOLAI's commitment to craftsmanship, engineering, and perfection. It's a ride that respects your individuality, matches your spirit of adventure, and promises you an unforgettable journey every time you hit the trails.


  1. Versatility: The Saturn 16 is described as an all-purpose weapon, making it suitable for a variety of trails and terrains.
  2. Customizability: It offers a high level of customization in setup and tuning. Riders can adjust frame and wheel sizes, steering angle, bottom bracket height, and more.
  3. Geometry: The Geolution Trail concept ensures a long reach and slack head angle, catering to both racing and leisurely riding styles.
  4. Damper Options: The Saturn 16 allows for the selection of air or steel-coil sprung dampers with different strokes, catering to individual riding styles.
  5. Durability: Made from 7020 T6 aluminum, the bike is designed to be strong and durable, with topology optimization used to reinforce high-stress areas and save material in low-stress zones.
  6. Size Range: Available in six frame sizes from S to XXXL, this bike can accommodate riders between 1.55m and 2.10m.
  7. Aesthetic Appeal: With a range of color, decor, and finish options, riders can personalize their bikes to their visual preferences.


  1. Cost: At €2,949, the Nicolai Saturn 16 is a significant investment, which may be out of reach for some consumers.
  2. Complexity: The extensive customization options may be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with the technical aspects of cycling.
  3. Weight: Despite its durable construction, the bike may still be heavier than other models made from materials like carbon fiber.
  4. Maintenance: The high level of customization and specialized parts may require more maintenance or specialized knowledge to maintain optimum performance.
  5. Ride Comfort: While the Geolution Trail concept allows for a variety of applications, it might not provide the same level of comfort in all scenarios compared to bikes designed for specific uses.


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