RAKE Shorts: Reinventing Swimwear with Waterproof Pockets

Innovative, sustainable, stylish, versatile swimwear

Ah, the joys of travel and exploration! There's a certain unspoken beauty in the art of being active, in plunging into the unknown, be it city streets or wild waters. And, isn't it just splendid when you come across a product that not only encourages this spirit of wanderlust but also takes care of the practical side of things?

If you've ever set foot on a beach, and I'm sure you have, you've probably felt that unique conundrum: where do you put your stuff? It's like playing a game of chess with the waves and sand. You try to outsmart them by burying your things or placing them in inconspicuous spots. But there's always that lingering anxiety that tugs at your nerves whenever you wade too far into the water.

RAKE shorts appear to have solved this age-old problem. The product itself is a perfect blend of functionality and fashion. A solid emphasis on Dutch design aesthetics coupled with German engineering – it's a match made in heaven, or in this case, a fashion workshop.

The waterproof pocket is the real star of the show here. With an IPX8 rating and tested to depths of over 100 feet, your essentials will stay dry and secure. You'll hear a satisfying ‘snap' sound, letting you know that your valuables are safe and you can go on to enjoy your swim worry-free. That's the kind of peace of mind we all deserve, don't you think?

What I appreciate about RAKE is the focus on sustainability. Fast fashion's environmental toll is not a secret. RAKE, on the contrary, is committed to reducing its impact by creating durable products from recycled materials and foregoing yearly, trendy collections for timeless designs. Your shorts won't fade away with just a few swims and washes. The shorts are designed to last, to resist the sun's harsh rays, and to fit seamlessly into your active lifestyle.

What stands out for me is that these aren't just swimming shorts. They're designed to be worn from your apartment, through the city streets, down to the beach, and then to the bar. They are a testament to the fluidity of the active lifestyle many of us enjoy – moving seamlessly from one scenario to another without needing to change outfits.

The team behind RAKE, Rogiér and Bob, seem to be two passionate individuals who have poured their hearts into a product they believe in. Their story, from shared juice boxes to shared frustrations on a Philippine beach, is a charming tale of friendship and innovation. Their commitment to their product is as genuine as their journey together.

Whether you're an adrenaline junkie, a frequent beach-goer, or just a lover of good, solid design, I highly recommend you check out RAKE. Pledges on their Kickstarter page range from $79 to $169, offering great deals and opportunities to grab these shorts for a fantastic price.

As they say, once you save your phone from drowning just once, you would already offset the environmental impact of the production of these shorts. And, in the process, you get a great pair of swim shorts that will be your reliable companion in many adventures to come. It's a win-win. So, grab a pair, dive in, and let your adventurous spirit soar!


  1. Innovative Design: The inclusion of a 100% waterproof pocket solves a significant problem for swimmers and beachgoers – where to keep their valuables safe and dry while they enjoy the water.
  2. Quality Construction: By combining Dutch design aesthetics and German engineering, RAKE shorts promise both style and durability. The shorts are crafted from extra sturdy 160gr/m2 polyester performance-fabric, ensuring long-lasting use.
  3. Sustainability: The company's focus on sustainability and slow fashion is commendable. The shorts are made from 100% recycled polyester, equivalent to 10-12 recycled PET bottles. Also, by opting for timeless designs over trendy collections, RAKE contributes to reducing fast fashion's environmental impact.
  4. Multi-functional: RAKE shorts are not just for swimming. They are designed to be worn in various scenarios – from city streets to beach bars – making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.
  5. Aesthetically Pleasing: Available in multiple, carefully curated colors, these shorts ensure you don't have to sacrifice style for functionality. The attention to detail, such as the signature ‘Sunshine'-coloured silicone dipped drawstrings, adds to their overall appeal.


  1. Pricing: One potential downside of RAKE shorts could be the price point. Even with the Kickstarter discount, they are more expensive than many other swimming shorts on the market. However, the additional features and focus on quality and sustainability could justify the cost for many consumers.
  2. Availability: As a Kickstarter project, the availability of these shorts could be a concern. Delays in production or shipping could potentially occur, and depending on the project's success, stock might be limited.
  3. One Design: Currently, RAKE shorts are only available in one design. While the design is intended to be timeless, some consumers might prefer more options in terms of style or prints.
  4. Unproven in Real World Conditions: While the shorts have been tested extensively, the real world application of the waterproof pocket and overall durability of the shorts over time remain to be seen.
  5. Sizing and Fit: As with any clothing purchase made online, there could be issues with sizing and fit, particularly because swimwear often needs to fit securely for comfort and practicality. However, a well-implemented return/exchange policy could mitigate this concern.


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