Qysea Fifish V-EVO: Explore and Dive Deeper

Advanced Underwater Exploration with Versatility

Ah, the deep, dark abyss. The final frontier, the last unexplored world in our reach. It's a world of mystery, a world of beauty, a world where the sun's rays rarely touch. And to journey into this world, the Fifish V-EVO makes a compelling companion.

This isn't your average pool toy, mind you. This underwater drone, or ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) if you prefer, is your personal deep sea explorer. It's like having your own private submarine, minus the claustrophobia and the need for a periscope.

Imagine this: You're topside, basking in the sun, a cold drink in one hand, the V-EVO's handheld controller in the other. You're not just skimming the surface, you're plunging into the depths, exploring places that most people will never see.

The 100-meter tether gives the V-EVO a surprising amount of freedom. That's the length of a football field, straight down. And with the camera's 166-degree wide-angle lens, you're getting a view that's better than front row seats at a movie theater.

But here's what really lights my fire about this tech: the AI-based image enhancement software. It's not just about shooting video in the deep blue sea. It's about capturing the majesty of underwater life, without the interference of floating plankton or debris. The 5,000-lumen spotlights illuminate the scenery, and the software does the rest.

The V-EVO's six thrusters enable it to move with a certain grace that I find quite admirable. It can glide, ascend, descend, and pirouette in place, reacting to the undercurrents with the agility of a ballet dancer. That's a level of control and versatility you don't see everyday.

And for those who want to get hands-on with their exploration, there's the option to attach peripherals like a grasper arm or retrieval hook. I can see it now: salvaging a long-lost artifact, or perhaps a bottle of something interesting that got tossed overboard.

The V-EVO's endurance is also commendable. One hour of full exploration, or four hours of hovering, on a single charge. That's enough time to get lost in the beauty of the deep and still make it back in time for dinner.

At $1,299, it's not a casual purchase, but the opportunity to explore a world unseen by human eyes… well, that's priceless, isn't it? I say, if you're yearning for a journey into the heart of the sea, the Fifish V-EVO is the vessel to take you there. Happy diving, my friends.


  1. Deep Diving: With a maximum dive depth of 100 meters, the V-EVO allows users to explore areas of the underwater world that are often inaccessible to divers.
  2. High-Quality Camera: The camera's 166-degree wide-angle lens and maximum resolution of 4K/60fps will offer stunning visuals of the underwater world. This is especially useful for researchers, marine biologists, or just underwater enthusiasts who want a detailed look at marine life.
  3. Artificial Intelligence: The AI-based image enhancement software is a great feature. It filters out suspended particles, providing a clearer view of the underwater environment.
  4. Maneuverability: The V-EVO's six thrusters allow for 360-degree omnidirectional movement, offering a level of control that few other underwater drones can match.
  5. Versatility: The ability to attach additional peripherals like a grasper arm, retrieval hook or net-patching kit increases the range of tasks the V-EVO can perform.


  1. Battery Life: While one hour at full mobility or four hours hovering might be sufficient for some users, others might find this limiting. Extended use would require additional batteries and charging time.
  2. Price: At $1,299, the V-EVO is quite an investment. This might be outside the budget of casual hobbyists, and more suited to professionals or dedicated enthusiasts.
  3. Learning Curve: As with any advanced tech, there may be a learning curve involved in mastering the controls, and getting the most out of the AI and camera features.
  4. Dependence on Tether: The tether, while providing a reasonable range, does limit the drone's reach and could potentially get snagged on underwater obstacles.
  5. Temperature Limitations: The drone's operational temperature range of -10 to 60 ºC (14 to 140 ºF) may limit its use in extreme cold or hot conditions.

These are some of the potential strengths and weaknesses of the Fifish V-EVO. As with any piece of technology, its suitability will depend on the specific needs and circumstances of the user.

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