Priority 600HXT: Revolutionizing Mountain Biking with Smart.Shift Technology

Innovative, Durable, Efficient Mountain Bike

As an aficionado of life's robust flavors and experiences, I find myself drawn to things that endure and deliver, the ones built to last and to excel. And as I look upon the Priority 600HXT, it's clear this is a bike that's been designed with just those qualities in mind. In the world of mountain biking, it is a masterstroke of ingenuity and raw power.

When you get your hands on the 600HXT, the first thing that strikes you is the sense of unwavering strength. This isn't just a bike; it's an embodiment of resilience, a trail-blazing titan. It's made to face the harsh realities of rocky trails and challenging inclines with a sturdy 6061 Alloy Frame, set for ultimate performance and durability.

The heart of this beast is the Pinion Smart.Shift gearbox, a ground-breaking piece of technology that moves you seamlessly through gears in just two-tenths of a second. Whether you're fighting an uphill battle or tearing down a steep descent, the Smart.Shift is always ready, ensuring you have the perfect gear for the situation, no matter how rapidly it changes.

Paired with the revolutionary Smart.Shift technology is the Gates Carbon Drive Belt. With the 600HXT, you're not just moving; you're gliding along trails with a drive belt that shrugs off the mud and muck that would bog down a conventional chain. The bike remains efficient even in off-road environments, needing nothing more than a simple rinse after a rigorous ride.

The Priority 600HXT doesn't stop at revolutionizing the drivetrain. It boasts a Fox 34 Performance Suspension for an incredibly smooth ride. The suspension fork offers 140mm of travel, providing robust resilience against all the shocks and bumps that come with a challenging trail ride. The bike handles like a dream, its suspension soaking up impacts while maintaining a class-leading stiffness to weight ratio.

Speaking of handling, the modern trail geometry of the 600HXT takes the riding experience to a whole new level. This isn't just a bike that you ride; it's a bike that you feel, that you become one with. Whether it's tackling chunky East Coast tech or blasting through buffed-out jump trails, the 600HXT is always composed and in control.

And then there are the details that make this bike such a complete package. The WTB rims and tires offer a fast, responsive ride, while the TRP hydraulic disc brakes provide confident stopping power. The OneUp Components dropper is a godsend on the trail, allowing you to adjust your seating position on the fly.

In conclusion, the Priority 600HXT is not just another mountain bike. It's an adventure waiting to be undertaken, a challenge begging to be overcome. It's a testament to the belief that technology and design, when paired with the human spirit, can conquer anything nature throws at them. It is, quite simply, an exhilarating ride from start to finish. If you're the kind who's always up for a challenge, always ready to take the trail less traveled, then the 600HXT is just the bike for you. Go out there and create your adventure.


  1. Low-Maintenance Design: The combination of the Pinion Smart.Shift technology and Gates Carbon Drive Belt ensures less frequent upkeep compared to traditional chain-driven bikes. With an easy oil change once every 10,000 km or annually, you can spend less time on maintenance and more on the trails.
  2. Durability and Performance: With its sealed, center-mounted Pinion gearbox, rust/grease-free Gates Carbon Drive Belt, and hard-charging Fox 34 performance suspension, the 600HXT promises to deliver top-tier performance in the harshest conditions.
  3. Rapid Gear Shifting: The Smart.Shift system can change gears in just 0.2 seconds, optimizing your pedal stroke efficiency and allowing for seamless transitions across different terrains.
  4. Innovative Design: The removal of a traditional chain, cassette, and derailleur brings the weight to the center of the bike, providing improved handling and balance for the rider.
  5. Premium Components: From WTB rims and tires to TRP Slate T4 hydraulic disc brakes, the 600HXT employs high-quality components to ensure a comfortable, confident ride.
  6. Battery Longevity: The electronic shifting system boasts an internal battery capable of up to 10,000 shifts per charge, likely requiring only one or two charges a year for most riders.


  1. Weight: With a weight of 34lbs for a medium frame, the 600HXT may be a bit heavy for some riders, particularly for those who are used to traditional, lighter mountain bikes.
  2. Price: Retailing at $3,499 during its launch promotion and increasing to $3,999 afterwards, the 600HXT may be considered pricey for some potential buyers.
  3. Limitation in Upgrading: The bike is specifically designed for the Pinion Smart.Shift gearbox, meaning it doesn't have the cable routing for a manual-shifting Pinion gearbox, and a manual Pinion gearbox can't be upgraded to Smart.Shift.
  4. Specific Use Case: While the 600HXT is a hardcore trail mountain bike excelling in challenging terrains, it may not be the best choice for those looking for a versatile bike that can comfortably handle both on-road and off-road terrains.
  5. Availability: As of the time of writing, the 600HXT is available for pre-order and won't be shipped until early Q1 2024, which may not appeal to those looking for an immediate purchase.


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