Ponie P2 Electric Motorcycle: Revolutionize Your Urban Deliveries

Modular, Powerful, Efficient, Safe, Connective

In the heart of the city's ceaseless bustle, the Ponie P2 emerges as a steadfast ally to the urban courier, the nimble delivery rider, and the tireless first responder. It's a testament to adaptability, conceived in the imagination of a student and brought to life through the vision of innovators. This isn't just a motorcycle; it's a modular marvel, a chameleon of the concrete jungle that morphs with ease to meet the ever-shifting demands of those with missions to complete.

The P2's frame is a fortress of engineering—robust, reliable, ready for the rigors of the road. Safety and stability aren't just promises; they're built into every sinew of its steel. And with a motor that hums with the force of 4000 watts, power is never a concern, no matter the payload or the path ahead.

Speaking of the journey, the P2's endurance is unmatched. With a 72V, 6.7KW CATL battery, it's capable of a 150 km odyssey on a single charge. That's the kind of range that turns day-long endeavors into tales of triumph without the interruption of a recharge. And when the unforeseen arises, as it always does, the ABS fitted disc brakes stand sentinel, delivering peace of mind with their decisive grip.

But this workhorse has a touch of elegance too. It boasts a glove box that secures your essentials and charges them, thanks to an integrated USB port. The 7-inch display, CarPlay-ready, is the cockpit's crown jewel, a nod to the necessity of connectivity in our digital dance.

The Ponie P2 isn't just transportation; it's a mobile command center that carries more than goods—it carries ambition. With a generous 400 liters of cargo space, it's a compact yet cavernous companion on crowded streets where larger vehicles dare not tread.

For the professional who knows that efficiency and elegance can coexist, for the rider who values strength and sophistication, the Ponie P2 is not just a choice—it's the choice. Its electric heart beats in rhythm with the pulse of the city, and its design reflects the soul of those it serves: resilient, resourceful, revolutionary.


  1. Modular Design: The Ponie P2's customizable configurations with various boxes and accessories make it highly adaptable for different professional uses.
  2. Sturdy Frame: A meticulously crafted frame ensures durability and a safer riding experience.
  3. Powerful Motor: Equipped with a 72V, 4000W motor, the P2 promises ample power to carry significant loads without strain.
  4. Long Range Battery: A 72V 6.7KW CATL battery offers an impressive range of up to 150 km, reducing the need for frequent charging.
  5. Safety Features: ABS-fitted disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, which is crucial for urban environments with unpredictable traffic conditions.
  6. Tech Integration: The inclusion of a CarPlay-ready 7-inch display and USB port in the glove box adds a level of convenience and connectivity for the rider.
  7. Cargo Capacity: With 400L of cargo space and the ability to carry up to 120 kg, it's designed for substantial deliveries.
  8. Urban Efficiency: Its size and maneuverability make it ideal for navigating through city centers where larger vehicles are restricted.


  1. Limited Speed: While it can reach up to 90KM/h, maintaining efficiency requires a lower speed, which may not be suitable for all types of deliveries or emergencies.
  2. Weight Limitation: The maximum carrying capacity of 200kg (including the rider) might limit the usage for heavier loads or multiple passengers.
  3. Charging Infrastructure Dependency: The necessity for charging stations can be a hindrance in areas with inadequate EV infrastructure.
  4. Comparatively Small Cargo Space: Although substantial for a motorcycle, the cargo space is significantly less than what a traditional delivery truck can handle.
  5. Design Over Function: Some users might find the utilitarian aesthetic less appealing compared to conventional motorcycles.
  6. Price Point: Depending on the cost, which isn't specified, the initial investment for such a specialized vehicle may be a con for individual operators or small businesses.
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