Poler Napsack: The Versatile Sleeping Bag for Every Adventure

Versatile, Lightweight, Durable, Warm, Stylish

There's a certain romance in the open road and a new destination at every sunset. And for those journeys, the gear you choose to accompany you makes all the difference. Enter the Poler Napsack, a distinct mix of utilitarian practicality and laid-back charm. It's less a gear and more a companion for your ventures into the unknown.

Priced similarly to the Selk’bag Lite, the Napsack charts its own path with a design that is more reminiscent of a traditional sleeping bag. Yet, it innovatively breaks from tradition with its arm and leg holes that allow you to go from lounging around the campfire to snuggling up for the night without missing a beat.

To appreciate the Napsack, you must understand its design. It incorporates unique zippered shoulders and a drawcord bottom which can be opened and adjusted according to your needs. Think of it as a puffy coat that you can conveniently hike up to your waist and cinch as you settle down around the fire. Then, when the night calls, you can slip back into your tent without having to part with its snug warmth.

The Napsack is not just about its inventive design, though. Crafted with a durable ripstop nylon exterior, it stands up well to the unpredictability of the great outdoors. Yet, despite its tough exterior, it manages to maintain a light weight, coming in at a mere 2.25lbs. Furthermore, it is rated to a comfortable 50ºF and includes an 18” x 8” stuff sack, making it a breeze to transport.

Practicality is embedded into every aspect of the Napsack. From the two hand-warming pockets to a dedicated chest pocket for your extra gear, every inch of it is designed with the traveler in mind. And what's more, it's fully reversible, providing a two-in-one versatility that is rare in outdoor gear.

Offered in the color Murky Lake Teal, the Napsack brings a pop of subtle color to your travels. Its soft, inviting hue somehow perfectly captures the essence of those tranquil lakeside mornings. At $130, it's an investment, but it promises an experience that is simply unmatched.

In the end, the Napsack is more than just a sleeping bag. It's a salute to the adventurous spirit. It's an acknowledgment of the impromptu nights under the starlit skies, of the stories shared around the bonfire, and of the warmth that binds us all. It's a celebration of life on the road and an invitation to wander. For the dreamers, explorers, and drifters among us, the Napsack is more than just gear; it's a way of life.


  1. Versatility: The Napsack can switch between being a sleeping bag, a lounge suit, and a portable coat, making it perfect for a variety of situations, from camping trips to music festivals.
  2. Mobility: The zippered shoulders and drawcord bottom allow you to free your limbs for walking or sitting. It can be adjusted to your needs, offering both mobility and warmth.
  3. Durability: Made with a ripstop nylon exterior, the Napsack is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures.
  4. Lightweight: Weighing only 2.25 lbs, it's not burdensome to carry and can be easily packed into an included 18″ x 8″ stuff sack.
  5. Comfortable to 50ºF: The Napsack has been rated comfortable for temperatures down to 50ºF, suitable for mild to slightly chilly weather.
  6. Convenient Pockets: It features hand-warming pockets and a chest pocket for extra storage.
  7. Reversible Design: Being fully reversible offers additional usability, effectively giving you two designs in one.


  1. Limited Warmth: The comfort rating of 50ºF means it's not suitable for colder weather or winter camping.
  2. Price: Priced at $130, it's an investment piece. Some may find it expensive compared to other sleeping bags.
  3. Color Options: As of the information provided, it seems to be available only in Murky Lake Teal. Additional color options would be appreciated by those wanting more variety.
  4. Size Adjustability: The Napsack may not fit everyone perfectly, especially those on the shorter or taller ends of the spectrum, given its one-size design.
  5. Insulation Material: It uses Thermastuff synthetic insulation. While sufficient for its comfort rating, down insulation typically provides better warmth-to-weight ratio, though at a higher cost and less vegan-friendly.


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