Pender Ebikelifter: Revolutionizing eBike Transport with a No-Lift Hydraulic System

Convenient, Effortless eBike Transportation

Well, for those among us with a passion for pedaling – and I'm talking about those who've embraced the revolution of the electric bicycle or ebike – we all know the struggle of getting these slightly heavier, more robust machines onto the roof of our vehicles. That's where the clever folks over at the German startup, Pender, step in.

See, Pender has come up with an elegant solution: a hydraulic lift, designed to hoist your ebike onto the roof of your vehicle in mere moments. It's a game changer. Now, you might be asking, “why not just stick with the traditional racks?” But, believe me, these ebikes are a different beast. They often surpass the limits of those old-school racks due to their weight and size. Hence, a more tailored solution was needed.

And what a solution it is! With its sleek design, this contraption lowers itself all the way down to bike level, requiring zero manual lifting from you. This ingenious lift is all about making your life easier and less strained – it hooks your bike from the ground and with the help of some struts, it effortlessly swings it up onto the roof. No more huffing and puffing, no more sweat.

The Pender Ebikelifter can handle a load of up to 66 lb (30 kg), making it suitable for most ebikes. It works with a wide range of wheel sizes and is designed to be compatible with all standard-height vehicles – cars, SUVs, and even vans.

Now, some of you might be thinking about the risks involved – what if the bike swings and damages my car, or what if it falls during transit? Fret not, my friends. The Ebikelifter ensures your bike is kept at a safe distance from your vehicle as it lifts, and once in place, the bike is securely strapped down, preventing any potential mishap during your journey.

It's also worth noting that it's not a permanent fixture on your vehicle. When you're not using it, you can simply remove the lift arm so it doesn't get in your way. And for those double ebike households, Pender has you covered – two Ebikelifters can be mounted on either side of your vehicle, providing the same effortless mounting for each bike.

So, what's the catch? Well, it's the price. It's listed at a hefty €748 (approx. US$820) for preorders. It might not be a small amount, but think of it this way: you've invested in a high-quality ebike, probably worth thousands of dollars. Wouldn't you want a carrier that guarantees your investment's safety? Plus, think about the potential backache you're saving yourself from. Sounds like a worthy trade-off to me.

In conclusion, Pender's Ebikelifter is a nod to the fact that even the smallest obstacles can be overcome with a touch of ingenuity. It's a remarkable piece of equipment that offers a hassle-free, elegant solution to a problem faced by many ebike enthusiasts around the globe. For those who find joy in the ride and want to take their ebikes with them wherever they go, this is, in my opinion, an excellent, albeit slightly pricey, tool to have in your arsenal. Embrace the journey, my friends, and let Pender take care of the heavy lifting.


  1. No Manual Lifting Required: The Pender Ebikelifter utilizes a hydraulic lift system, negating the need for any unassisted manual lifting. This is a significant advantage, especially considering the increased weight of ebikes compared to traditional bicycles.
  2. High Weight Capacity: Able to handle up to 66 lb (30 kg), the Ebikelifter can accommodate a wide range of ebike models, making it a versatile solution for different users.
  3. Broad Compatibility: Designed to work with common wheel sizes between 26 and 29 inches and wheelbases ranging between 35 and 51 inches, the lift can cater to most ebike sizes. It also fits a spectrum of standard-height cars, SUVs, and vans, making it a universally applicable accessory.
  4. Protective Design: The Ebikelifter secures the bike without damaging the frame and ensures that the bike is kept at a safe distance from the vehicle during the lift process to prevent any potential damage.
  5. Removable When Not in Use: The lift arm can be removed when not in use, ensuring it doesn't interfere with the vehicle's functionality or aesthetics.
  6. Dual Bike Capability: For those with multiple ebikes, two Pender Ebikelifters can be mounted on either side of the vehicle.


  1. Price: The Ebikelifter's preorder price is €748 (approx. US$820), which might be quite steep for some users. Given this, it's more of an investment than an impulse purchase.
  2. Weight of the Lift Itself: The Ebikelifter weighs 26 lb (11.8 kg), which might make the installation process slightly cumbersome and may require assistance.
  3. Requires Crossbars for Installation: The device needs to be mounted on rooftop crossbars, which are not included in the package. This could be an additional expense if your vehicle doesn't already have them.
  4. Time Consuming: Despite the easy lift, the process of attaching the bike and securing it might still be time-consuming compared to traditional methods.
  5. Single Purpose Carrier: The Pender Ebikelifter is designed specifically for ebikes. This could be seen as a con if you're looking for a versatile carrier for other types of equipment.

€748 (approx. US$820)

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