Pelican 9000 Light: Waterproof Luminary with Secret Storage

Bright, versatile, waterproof, durable, storage-savvy

Ah, the thrill of adventure, the delight of the unexpected – it's not just about what you do, but how you equip yourself for these moments. This brings us to the Pelican 9000 Light, a charming piece of gear that doubles as a beacon of hope and a protector of essentials.

Crafted like a sturdy lighthouse amidst the sea of your explorations, this little light shines bright with a maximum of 300 lumens, ready to pierce the night, whether you're roadside or riverside. It's versatile too – run it on high, medium, or low, in either static or flashy dance party mode. This luminary companion can last you a solid 75 hours, should you choose to keep it low and steady. But if it's a blinky SOS you need, it'll keep the rhythm up for 24 hours.

Let's not forget its secret hidey-hole – under that gleaming cap lies a compartment ready to safeguard your daily essentials. Extra batteries for that late-night karaoke session in the woods? Check. Medical supplies just in case you encounter an irate badger? Got it. Your trusty cell phone, or perhaps a memento of your travels? Tuck it in, secure and snug.

The Pelican 9000 doesn't just carry a light, it carries an assurance. It wears an IP67 badge with pride, ready to dive under a meter of water for up to 30 minutes, and come out unscathed. Whether you're out kayaking amidst frothy rapids, hiking up misty peaks, or setting up a cozy campsite, this waterproof warrior ensures your essentials stay safe from water, dirt, and dust.

What I appreciate about the design is its nod to practicality. It's not just a box or a light, but a tool – it stands, it hangs, it hooks, it even comes with a carabiner for that extra rugged look. It's about as heavy as a good memoir paperback, even with the batteries, and sports a sturdy build, a blend of ABS and polycarbonate materials that can take a tumble.

The Pelican 9000 Light is the kind of gear you want when embarking on an adventure. It's the trusty sidekick you need when you're out there, challenging the wild, living life in the grandest sense. It's a luminary, a locker, and a lifeline – all in one. Now, let's go get lost, shall we?


  1. Versatile Illumination: With its ability to adjust from high, medium, to low settings in both flashing and static modes, the light provides flexibility for different use cases.
  2. Impressive Battery Life: At its lowest setting, it can last up to 75 hours. Even in flashing mode, it has a decent 24-hour run time, making it reliable for extended trips.
  3. Integrated Storage: A unique feature is the built-in compartment under the light, which is ideal for storing everyday-carry items, batteries, medical supplies, or even a cell phone.
  4. Durability & Water Resistance: The Pelican 9000 Light boasts an IP67 rating, meaning it's waterproof and dustproof, adding an extra layer of durability and making it suitable for various outdoor activities.
  5. Versatile Placement: Whether you need to hang, hook, or stand the light for hands-free use, it's been designed with versatility in mind.


  1. Limited Luminosity: With a maximum output of 300 lumens, the light might not be powerful enough for some users who need intense, far-reaching illumination.
  2. Weight: Weighing 21.6 oz with batteries, the device might feel a bit heavy to carry around, especially for extended periods or during strenuous activities.
  3. Alkaline Batteries: The light runs on AA alkaline batteries. Some users might prefer rechargeable options for sustainability and cost-efficiency.
  4. Material Choice: While ABS and polycarbonate provide good durability, they might not be as robust as metal counterparts when subjected to extreme conditions or rough handling.
  5. Single Compartment: While the integrated storage is handy, having only one compartment could limit organizational possibilities for those carrying a variety of small items.


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