Oyster Tempo Cooler – high performance cooler that doesn’t need ice

Iceless, efficient, lightweight, insulated cooler

Step aside traditional coolers, the Oyster Tempo has arrived, a vacuum-insulated game changer designed to keep your food and drinks cold (or hot) without the need for ice. Hailing from the creative minds of a Norwegian startup, this aluminum-clad, sleek cooler redefines your outdoor adventures with style and innovation.

After six years of perfecting its patented DLTA vacuum insulation system, Oyster has produced the Tempo, a cooler that triples the space for your food and drinks while maintaining optimal temperatures. Say goodbye to the 2-to-1 ice-contents rule, and hello to more room for your favorite refreshments.

The Tempo's 23-L capacity holds up to 36 cans, all kept chilled by the cooler's expertly crafted insulation. But, be warned: the Oyster Tempo's ice-free performance is dependent on factors such as outdoor temperature and how fully packed it is.

For those skeptical of the ice-free claim or planning a longer adventure, fear not; Oyster includes two ice packs that fit snugly at the bottom, providing additional peace of mind. Compared to its rivals, the Oyster Tempo is lighter and slimmer, making it a prime choice for outdoor enthusiasts who value portability.

Of course, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. The Oyster Tempo's aluminum construction isn't designed to withstand bear attacks or rough handling. However, the company offers a limited lifetime warranty on its first-edition coolers, and its recyclable, modular design allows for easy replacement of parts.

Though the $500 price tag might seem steep, the Oyster Tempo's ice-free capabilities and lightweight design could make it a worthy investment for those who seek to elevate their outdoor dining experience.


  1. Vacuum-insulated, eliminating the need for ice and freeing up more space for food and drinks.
  2. Lightweight and slim design for easy portability.
  3. Holds up to 36 cans with optimal temperature maintenance.
  4. Modular and recyclable build, allowing for easy part replacement.
  5. Limited lifetime warranty on first-edition coolers.
  6. Can also maintain heat for transporting hot food.


  1. Expensive, with a $500 price tag.
  2. Aluminum construction not as rugged as other coolers; not built to withstand rough handling or bear attacks.
  3. Ice-free performance dependent on various factors, such as outdoor temperature and packing.
  4. Limited lifetime warranty might not extend to future editions.
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