Overade OxiLum + OxiBrake lever activated bike brake light

Automatic brake lights don't work

Most helmet-mounted brake lights are activated by an integrated accelerometer. Overade, makers of the foldable helmet Plixi, designed their brake light to be activated when you depress the brake lever. This way you can activate the brake light exactly when you want it to instead of relying on the accelerometer. Helmet-mounted automatic brake lights usually don't work because:

  • Sometimes when you're just going slow, brake light is activated when it's not necessary
  • Head movement may throw off the accelerometer from activating the light at the right time
  • Some of automatic brake lights may have timers that turn off the brake light even when you're still braking

The OxiLum + OxiBrake combo provides a safer and more reliable way of braking and activating the brake light by using a wireless device paired to the light and attached to the bike brake lever.


  • Reliable compared to automatic brake lights
  • Can use multiple ligths with one OxiBrake
  • Can be mounted on any bike helmet
  • No app to download


  • It's a Kickstarter project (Rewards are not guaranteed)

Mutiple brake lights

OxiLum is the brake light itself while OxiBrake is the activation trigger. You can use OxiLum without OxiBrake but you can't use OxiBrake without OxiLum. However, there is no brake light feature if the OxiLum is used without the OxiBrake. Four OxiLum lights can be paired to one OxiBrake and you don't have to use all four as rear lights. You can also use the OxiLum as a front light by using any of the three white modes. Pressing the lever when a light is in white mode will cause it to flash.

Four OxiLum can be paired to one OxiBrake
Activating the brake ligth when it is in white mode


There are 8 light modes available on the OxiLum: 5 red modes and 3 white modes. You can switch between modes by pressing on the power button. The last mode you use is kept in memory so you don't have to set it up every time you turn it on. In white mode, the light goes as high as 100 lumens and 90 lumens in red mode. To increase the visibility of light, the OxiLum has small reflectors between the LEDs.

As for mounting, Overade claims the OxiLum can fit any bike helmet. The mount only requires a 6 x 2.5 cm area to be attached but if you don't even have that much space, there are additional fastener with elastic straps to keep it in place.

The light itself measures 11 x 3 cm and attaches to the mount magneticallly. With multiple OxiLums, you can attach one or two on your helmet and the others on the bike or your backpack.

5 red modes and 3 white modes


OxiBrake is what makes the OxiLum special. It's a wireless device that triggers the brake lights when you brake. You slide it onto a bike brake lever and whenever you brake, you'll also be pressing on the OxiBrake, activating the brake light. There are no apps to download and Overade claims the trigger is 100% reliable.

Fits bikes or e-scooter levers including e-bikes, mountains bikes, road bikes, cruiser bikes and more.
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