igus MTRL plastic bike is 90% trash

Almost entirely made of recycled plastic

Recycling plastic is hard but it didn't stop German motion plastics specialist igus and Dutch bicycle startup MRTL from teaming up to create an urban bike that's currently made of 90% recycled plastic. The aim is to make it out of 100% recycled plastic and it seems both companies are confident they'll be able to achieve it. Since all of the components are made of plastic, even the gears and ball bearings, no part of the bike is susceptible to rust.

Lightweight, high-performance plastics with integrated solid lubricants are used to ensure low-friction operation without a single drop of lubricating oil. As a result, the bike is virtually maintenance-free and is suitable for everyday use. It currently uses rubber Continental tires. We're not sure if igus or MTRL is planning to make plastic tires, which is highly unlikely. The brake component is compatible with common V-Break brake pads available in bike stores. This plastic bike is expected to cost around €1,400 or USD$1,500.


  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Does not rust
  • Last longer than normal bikes especially in areas exposed to sand, wind, and salt water.
  • Virtually maintenance free


  • Still unproven in real-world use
  • Some people might find it too expensive considering that it's essentially made of trash
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