Outdoor Vitals CS40 Ultra Backpack: Revolutionizing Ultralight Hiking

Comfortable, durable, ultralight hiking backpack

Hiking is a delightful balance of weight and worth, the act of carrying what you need on your back, savoring every step on the trail. We yearn to tread on untouched paths, yet we also carry a trepidation of discomfort. We fear being laden by heavy gear. Well, not anymore.

The Outdoor Vitals CS40 Ultra Backpack, weighing just 27 oz for a medium torso with a medium hip belt, has come to liberate the light-footed wanderers. This ultralight 40L pack is no ordinary backpack—it's a result of innovative thinking, careful design, and advanced materials.

When you think of ultralight backpacks, comfort may not be the first word that comes to mind. After all, comfort is often sacrificed at the altar of weight reduction. But the CS40 Ultra dares to challenge that narrative. Its design embodies comfort without compromising on the ultralight tag.

One of the key features is the carbon fiber supports, or what they call ‘Carbon Stay'—the CS in the CS40 Ultra. As the name suggests, it's ultra indeed. These supports, weighing a mere 2 oz (about the same weight as a sip of water), help distribute your load effectively. This, in turn, takes off any uncomfortable weight from your shoulders.

The Ultra fabric from which it's made is lighter than DCF (Dyneema Composite Fabric) yet boasts six times more abrasion resistance and twice the strength. Imagine a feather-light backpack that also resists wear and tear from the rough-and-tumble of the outdoors. Now that's a win-win situation.

Speaking of comfort, the CS40 Ultra features a well-crafted back panel and shoulder straps, a hip belt designed to fit snugly around your waist, functional load lifters, stretch mesh pockets, and a spacious main chamber. Plus, the targeted foam cutouts add to its breathability and further reduce weight.

Functionality does not end there. The pack includes trekking pole or ice ax retention loops, lashing loops on the bottom panel, volumized stretch mesh pocket, a roll top closure for additional volume, a top compression strap, 3 point side compression cords, and a hydration bladder sleeve.

Moreover, its large water bottle pockets can easily fit two smart water bottle sized containers. Talk about hydration on the go!

The CS40 Ultra is designed with the minimalist in mind—offering only the best and necessary features, while discarding any superfluous ones. The result? A lightweight, sturdy, and highly functional backpack that makes your journey less about the weight on your back and more about the path before your feet.

Sure, the price tag may seem a bit steep at $327.97 on presale. But consider this—an investment in comfort and functionality that enhances your journey, no matter where the trails take you.

Remember, the shipping for this presale offer is estimated to start by the end of August. And the cherry on top? Every pre-order receives a free OV Shoulder Strap Pocket, no strings attached.

The Outdoor Vitals CS40 Ultra Backpack is more than just a bag. It's a commitment to comfortable, lightweight, and adventurous exploration. It beckons those hikers who yearn to wander farther, experience more, and carry less. Isn't that what hiking should be all about?

Pros of the CS40 Ultra Backpack:

  1. Ultralight Design: Weighing only 27 ounces for a medium torso with a medium hip belt, the backpack is designed for long-distance, ultralight backpacking.
  2. Carbon Fiber Supports: The carbon fiber stays, weighing only 2 ounces, help distribute the load, reducing stress on the shoulders.
  3. Durable and Strong: The Ultra fabric is lighter than DCF but six times more abrasion-resistant and twice as strong, ensuring the backpack can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
  4. Comfortable: Despite being ultralight, comfort is not compromised. The back panel, shoulder straps, and hip belt are carefully designed to provide maximum comfort during long hikes.
  5. Breathable Design: The targeted foam cutouts in the hip belt, shoulder straps, and back panel provide improved breathability.
  6. Functional Features: It includes functional load lifters, stretch mesh pockets, a large main chamber, trekking pole or ice ax retention loops, lashing loops, a roll top for additional volume, a top compression strap, and 3 point side compression cords.
  7. Hydration Compatible: The backpack includes an internal hydration bladder sleeve, allowing it to be used with most water bladders.

Cons of the CS40 Ultra Backpack:

  1. Price: At a presale price of $327.97, the backpack may be considered expensive compared to other models in the market.
  2. Shipping Time: Those who need the backpack immediately may be disappointed as the presale shipping is not set to start until the end of August.
  3. Limited Extras: The backpack's design is minimalistic, which may not appeal to those who prefer more pockets or compartments.
  4. Weight Limit: The backpack has a maximum recommended carry weight of 35 lbs. This may not be sufficient for hikers who need to carry more equipment.
  5. Size Limitations: The dimensions may not be suitable for all body types. The sizing may also be confusing as the capacity varies between torso sizes.

$327.97 (Presale)

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