Osprey Stratos 24: Your All-Weather Companion for Every Trail

Compact, breathable, sustainable, versatile, weather-resistant

We’re talking here about the Osprey Stratos 24, a backpack that, despite its streamlined and lightweight form, embodies the essence of durability and capability. This gear is engineered to withstand the most challenging trails, to keep you moving with purpose and intent. Its main selling point? That has to be the AirSpeed® ventilation. That injection-molded suspension system with 3D-tensioned mesh, a true marvel of design that provides breathability like you wouldn't believe.

Now, I know the idea of a ‘breathable' backpack might seem a bit odd, but this system makes a world of difference. Just ask anyone who’s had to lug around a pack for hours in the blazing heat – that added ventilation can be a real game changer. In my humble opinion, it’s as refreshing as a stiff, icy gin and tonic after a day exploring new frontiers.

This Stratos 24 isn't just about its ventilation, though. It has a wider, taller frame that combines with a tailored adjustment system. You might think this would restrict its user demographic, but the beauty of this design is that it broadens the fit range. Whether you're as tall as a redwood or more on the stature of a bonsai, this pack can be adjusted to snugly fit your frame.

And let’s not forget about that all-inclusive rain cover, made with sustainable bluesign® approved materials. This little feature is as handy as a Swiss Army knife, particularly when the heavens decide to open up. It's true, the raincover does take up an auxiliary pocket, but I reckon it's worth the sacrifice. Better to be prepared for the sudden downpour than caught drenched and shivering, right?

This Stratos 24 is tall and thin, and it can fit much more than you'd think. You can comfortably pack all your essentials and then some, for those spontaneous detours on your adventure. Plus, the pack features bungee tie-offs and an ice axe loop, something that echoes back to the days of explorers and mountaineers. That’s the spirit we’re capturing here. It’s about embracing the unpredictable and gearing up for whatever the journey throws at you.

Although the lap belt may sit a bit high for some, the level of padding and comfort it provides makes it feel like you're secured in a race car's seat – hugging your body with a reassuring firmness that won't chafe or hinder your stride. That's the kind of support you want when you're out on the trail, conquering your personal Everests.

The bottom line? The Osprey Stratos 24 is a pack designed for those who live their lives on the move. This isn't just a day-hiking pack, it's a trusted companion. It's built to encourage your adventurous spirit, to push your limits, and to take you on journeys that are as unforgettable as they are challenging. Go forth and conquer, my friends. Adventure awaits.


  1. AirSpeed® Ventilation: The injection-molded suspension system with 3D-tensioned mesh provides outstanding breathable support. It's like having a cooling system for your back.
  2. Comprehensive Fit: The wider, taller frame and tailored adjustment system make it versatile for a variety of body types. One size truly does fit all here.
  3. Sustainable Material: The use of bluesign® approved materials in construction and the rain cover adds an eco-friendly touch. For those conscious about their carbon footprint, this is a solid choice.
  4. Included Rain Cover: This pack is ready for all weathers. With an attached rain cover made from sustainable materials, you're prepared for rain or shine.
  5. Versatile Storage Options: It offers an array of pockets, including zippered hip-belt pockets, a front stash pocket, and side stretch mesh bottle pockets. Whether you're stowing trekking poles or a water bottle, there's a spot for everything.
  6. Comfort: The back panel minimizes sweat and discomfort, making it ideal for longer hikes. The padded lap belt, although sitting a bit high, offers secure and snug comfort.


  1. Rain Cover Storage: The rain cover occupies one of the auxiliary pockets and can be somewhat tricky to detach and reattach. This may limit storage for other essentials.
  2. Lap Belt Position: The position of the lap belt sits a bit high, which might not be comfortable for all users. Adjustability is key here.
  3. Vertical Secondary Pocket: This can be challenging to use when the bag is upright. It's a minor gripe but something to consider for ease of access while on the go.

Overall, the Osprey Stratos 24 is a robust and capable day hiking pack with plenty to offer. Its pros significantly outweigh the cons, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of comfort, functionality, and sustainability.


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